5 signs that show you’re ready to tie the knot


Weddings are a big deal in our country and everyone knows how to pull off a grand one. The part that follows after the marriage itself is where people tend to stumble. For many, marriage is an initiation into adulthood, the first time they are handling responsibilities, money and sometimes, a whole household. For some, it is a ticket to freedom, because once you’re married, anything goes. For some, it is an obvious step forward so hence the question on whether your ready to take that step and tie the knot. So help you akke that decision of the next step we have compiled the top 5 ways you can be sure if your ready to tie the knot.

You both are financially independent

Financial independence is an emancipator for women at many levels. It is not only about being able to buy what you want when you want it. Being able to support yourself or each other during crisis means that you are not dependent on anybody else for your basic needs. This, in turn, means that nobody can i’ll-treat you simply because they know you’ve got nowhere to go, and so might endure misconduct. One hopes you never need to use this card, but for your own sake, you should know that you can survive on your own.

You have similar ideas of the future with your partner 

This involves family, kids, savings, job and much more. It’s a mature discussion. Marriage involves a lot of talking and sensible decisions. It’s about two people, living together for the rest of their lives. The fact that you both consider each other a part of your future reflects that you guys are willing to solemnize this relationship. This willingness from both the partners is very important.

You make decisions together

You are free to make your own decisions before tying the knot. But as a couple you and your spouse may have  significant choices, but  it’s important to have a method of decision making which allows you to remain in harmony. In other words, a way to help create a situation where peace is kept in the midst of negotiation. If you allow your partner and vice versa to take each other’s say into consideration while making big decisions, they are surely headed towards marriage.

You understand it’s not going to be all roses

If you feel that living with your SO means that your life will be full of romantic moments, and that you will always look forward to seeing each other, and will never get sick of each other, or any other version of this idealistic idea of marriage, you’re not ready. There will be ups and downs, no matter how wonderful your marriage may be, and unless you accept this, refrain from committing a lifetime to someone.

You’ve Discussed The Big 3 — Money, Religion, & Sex

 money, religion, and sex are three major topics that couples must agree on  or at least, find compromises on before making a lifelong commitment. More specifically, couples discuss their expectations in terms of love and sex, spending and income, and how they feel their children should be raised tend to start with a stronger understanding.