5 Signs You Are In A Rebound Relationship


Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally available isn’t a very nice situation to be in. That said, nobody wants to be a rebound person. Those who are not over their ex completely could fish for people they can date so as to fill the void of their ex-partners. Those in rebound relationships may find it difficult to form secure attachments with their partners. On the other hand, their partners might find themselves struggling to create intimacy with their partners. Wedding Affair shares the 5 signs that prove you are in a rebound relationship. 

1. Emotionally Unavailable


If you find your partner being emotionally unavailable to you more often than not, then you must consider it a red flag. Most people who are trying to get over their former flames are generally emotionally unavailable individuals. 

2. Obsessing over their ex


If you notice your partner talking too much about their ex, then chances are that they still haven’t actually moved on. 

3. Avoid Intimacy

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Romantic partners who try to avoid intimacy at all costs could still have lingering feelings. Such partners may be avoiding intimacy to not build anything meaningful with you. 

4. Stagnant Relationship


When a partner is not willing to invest much time and energy it is certainly time for you to introspect your relationship. If you notice the signs that your partner isn’t putting in much effort and you feel drained out, then there’s a likelihood of them still having feelings for their ex. 

5. No Long-Term Commitment


When your partner is unwilling to offer a long term commitment to you, you could be in for trouble. People in fulfilling relationships often offer long term commitment at the early stages of the relationship.