5 Skincare Tips To Follow This Holi


Sneaking out like a secret agent, keeping an eye on every damn corner and windows; vigilant of your surroundings.  And just then, you sense some movement. You start rushing your steps as you know you are the target. You try to dodge the shot by manoeuvring your body. But just when you think you’re saved, another shot drenches you in the tints of Holi. You’ve been compromised. And then you realise, what were you thinking?? It’s anyway inevitable, pointless trying to avoid the coolest of all festivals. And if you’re concerned about your skin; we present you simple hacks to prepare the “base” for the “battlefield”.

Almond Oil Massage

Apply a coat of almond oil to your body before you head out. The high Vitamin E content in it will not only provide nourishment to the skin but will also help prevent colors sticking to the body.

Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly or chapstick on your lips to avoid them from getting dry. The harsh chemicals that are commonly used in Holi colours tend to dry skin. You can also generously apply petroleum jelly on back of your neck, ears and between fingers and nails so that colours don’t come in direct contact with your skin.


Like an armed warrior, a good SPF Sunscreen will act as your shield and is one of the must-haves on the “battleground”.  You must wear it before heading out. It will protect your skin from the harsh sunrays.


The most convenient way to reduce the damage caused by toxic colours is oiling your hair generously. It greases the hair strands which help in removing the colours later.

Cover Yourself Up

Clothes are your armor as it ensures maximum protection against the sun and commonly used toxic colours in Holi. So it’s preferable to wear full sleeved clothes accompanied by a cap/scarf/ bandana to provide some necessary defence to your hair and scalp as well. Wear your old- stacked shoes to fully cover your feet.

Voila! You’re Holi ready now. You don’t have to stay indoors with apprehensions regarding your skin. Come out!! Soak in sun and have some fun.

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