5 Things Every Anxious Bride Should Keep In Mind

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As your special day is nearing, we are sure your anxieties must be scaling up. Well, it is quite natural. There must be a million things that you want just to perfect your wedding day and sure those million things must bring a load of anxiety to you. Decor, venue, planning, the wedding ensemble, jewellery and the list goes on and on. There are numerous things you can stress about but all you have to do is remember who is the bride. Keep your chin up and enjoy the days as it unfolds. Here are five things every anxious bride should keep in mind to help you keep calm on your wedding day.

  1. You are allowed to feel overwhelmed

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No matter how much you plan things, something or the other will always go out of the way you had planned it. So, it is better to keep some open space while planning things otherwise it can cause unnecessary stress. And remember, it is okay to feel stressed. Each and every bride has this phase.

2. Keep The Duration Of Engagement Long


Give yourself and your family enough time to plan everything. By keeping a long duration of engagement, you can actually save yourself a ton of stress. Long engagements actually work in favour of the brides as they can have ample amount of time to plan for the wedding soiree.

3. Don’t insist on following the trends

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We know that you cannot get yourself to stop from scrolling through all the wedding trends on social media. There must be a host of things that you’d want to incorporate in your own wedding but keep in mind that your wedding must also reflect you and your partner’s personalities.

4. Talk To Your Wedding Planner

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It is your wedding planner who can literally make or break your day quite literally. Communicate your needs to your planner with clarity so as to perfect your wedding to the T.

5. Drape what you like

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It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of social media and have unrealistic expectations of the wedding ensemble. Make sure the ensemble that you are choosing is in accordance with your personality and complements your aura. Lastly, drape your ensemble with confidence to slay your day.

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