5 Thoughts Every Couple Has About Their Big Day!


Marriage brings with it a seesaw of emotions, ranging from being thrilled to being extremely nervous. As a couple, you have endured the courtship days and the engagement but now the time has come to formally sanctify your marriage at the altar of hope. So, let’s find out what thoughts every couple has about their wedding day?

1. This is real, isn’t it?

As the marriage starts, the thoughts linger : is this really happening to us? What fun! And yet, there is a quiet sense of disbelief that its actually happening to them. It is both a day for magical feelings and nerve-wracking ones.

2. Do we look compatible with each other?

One of the toughest dilemmas a couple goes through is figuring out whether they actually look good with each other. After all, they will be the cynosure of all eyes during the different types of functions. Do they really look as good together always? Will there be admiring glances as they sit at the altar?

3. Singledom is over, for good!

The good old bachelor days are behind them and they know it! They now  have to embrace responsibilities  and adjust to being part of a completely new family. They can wave ‘goodbye’ to stag parties and single drinks and all that harmless flirting too and say ‘hello’, adjustments, responsibilities, and compromise!

4. Is the sex going to be perfect?

While many couples won’t admit to it, this is the question at the back of every couple’s mind. Physical and emotional compatibility cast aside, sexual compatibility is an important ingredient which will ensure perfect harmony in a marriage. Sex is such an important part of the equation, and nobody wants to mess it up.

5. When can I just snuggle in bed?

Marriages are made in heaven, but consecrated here on Earth. The important ceremonies are time consuming and typically last for hours and hours. No wonder, the couple is extremely tired by the end of it all and just want to lie down and sleep in peace.

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