5 Tips for Indian Brides to Plan their Wedding Look

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5 Tips for Indian Brides to Plan their Wedding Look: Wedding season is here, again, with all the razzle and dazzle. Everyone gets really excited when they hear the word ‘wedding’. But nothing can be compared with the elation and enthusiasm a bride-to-be has for her wedding day. Everyone and everything gets shadowed when it has something to do with the bride.

Fashion changes every second whether it is shoes or clothes, makeup or hairstyles. An Indian bride always feels like her preparations are not adequate or she is lacking in what is trending in the market. For that, Wedding Affair is here to sort out this quandary as it brings you the latest vogue point that you should certainly go for and add to your wedding checklist.

Diverse Outfits for Diverse Functions

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Go for the hues that are in vogue

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It is well known that Indians are enamoured of weddings. They have a myriad of functions before the wedding and after as well. You have to dress accordingly for the ceremony. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that the hues of your outfits do not repeat or they don’t feel like they are alike, especially with the wedding outfit. So, make a list of all the functions, from pre-wedding to post-wedding that are going to take place. Mention the outfits and the hues you will be wearing for the functions in the list. Go for the hues that are in vogue such as shades of the colour purple or green.

Go Easy with the Jewels

Go easy on the jewels

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Once the outfits are finalised, it is time to go for the jewellery you will be accessorising the outfits with. Go for minimalist and elegant jewellery. Also, keep it in mind to pair the jewellery according to your outfit. For example, if you are going for a heavy outfit, choose light jewels and if you have chosen a light outfit go for heavy jewels. You can wear contrastive jewellery, too as it is in fashion and looks so chic. Just make sure that whatever you wear you feel easy wearing it.

Now Comes the Makeup

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Enhance your beauty with makeup

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It is now time to decide what kind of makeup you want for your wedding functions. Nude and natural makeup is so in these days. But it is all up to you if you want radiant or minimal makeup for the functions. However, for the wedding day, it is suggested that you ask your makeup artiste for HD makeup or a matte look as it looks very sophisticated.

Time for the Hairdo

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Once you are done with all these steps, it is time for your hair to get dolled up a little. Usually, brides go for buns or curls for their weddings. But that look has become very musty. French twist hairdo, long ponytails, and unsymmetrical ponytails are the hairstyles that you should definitely consider for the big day. For other functions, you can keep minimal hairstyles like keeping them untied or a loose braid or just parting your hair in half.

Pamper your Skin

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Take care of your skin

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It is one of the most essential things that you need to do before the wedding week. Take care of your skin with a proper skin-care routine. Start cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin with products that don’t have chemicals in them or have the least chemicals in them. Ask your dermatologist what kind of serums are suitable for your skin. Additionally, nothing can beat a nice sleep schedule. So, make sure you sleep well and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

Hence, these are some tips for Indian brides that they should note down for sure. These points will help you stand out on each wedding function of yours. Moreover, you will feel confident with each look and unquestionably astonishing.