5 Top heel hacks to survive your big day


It would be a total bummer to kick off your wedding only to realize that you’ve literally picked the most painful pair of shoes. And, you’re stuck in them all day. To avoid unnecessary shoe drama that way on the big day, here are eight hacks for comfortably wearing heels during your wedding.

Wear your heels around the house. 

Make sure to test drive your stunning shoes for long amounts of time. Slip them on while you’re doing chores or when you’re lounging around.

Widen the toes out with ice. 

When water freezes, it expands. Use this simple science lesson to stretch out your shoes. Fill a dmall ziplock bag about halfway full of water. Then, zip up the bag and check to make sure it’s not leaking. Stick the water bag into the toe of the heel and put the entire shoe in the freezer.

Use a blowdryer to stretch it out. 

Don your thickest socks (or multiple pairs) and put on the new shoes. Turn your blowdryer on high heat and blast the air for about two minutes. Remove the socks and now your shoe ready.

Use gel deodorant to reduce friction. 

Apply clear deodorant to the heels of your feet before slipping on those shoes. Once dry, the product will act as a blister blocker by reducing irritation.

Pack Band-Aids. 

Even if you’re totally prepared in the heel department, it’s still smart to have some Band-Aids handy in case of an emergency.