5 Trending Shades of Red Bridal Lehenga 

red lehenga cover

Red Bridal lehenga: Any Indian would tell you that almost everything in Indian culture is a symbol, and colour is no exception: For instance, the hues of yellow, orange, white, and green all have significant associations. Among the hues, red is certainly the most prominent and is thought to be the emblem for all auspicious events. Red is also the primary colour in most religious celebrations. Moreover, it is considered to represent fertility, purity, and sensuality.

In Indian tradition, the colour red is strongly associated with marriage, while many 2020 brides chose to dress in unique shades of green, yellow, purple, blue, and pastels on their wedding day, which led to a whole reinvention of bridal lehengas. Wedding lehengas in red still have their dreamlike elegance and essence. These lehengas are made from expensive materials like red silks, georgettes, velvets, Benarasi weaves, etc. They have a variety of embellishments on them, most of which are golden. But a red wedding lehenga sometimes comes out as clichéd. Since forever and counting, red wedding lehengas have been a top choice among India’s top bridal wear designers and eminent custom bridal wear makers. If you’re a bride-to-be who can’t get enough of the traditional red lehenga, Wedding Affair has the ideal five shades of red for you!

Classic Red Lehenga
Sparkling in Red!

Rich red is the perfect shade for the brides who wants to go with the classic red lehenga for the wedding! The use of a rich, velvety fabric and little embellishments are what give it its gorgeous appeal. At the bottom of the skirt, a gold floral design is included, and the rest of the skirt and dupatta are decorated with small motifs.

Maroon Bridal
Nothing like Maroon and Gold!

Wearing this stunning wedding lehenga in a beautiful maroon colour would make you look like a dream. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a maroon lehenga with gorgeous gold zari embroidery. The combination, which is timeless, creates a rich, sumptuous image. The skirt of this maroon wedding lehenga may be adorned with gorgeous floral and geometric embroidery. The needlework on the bottom layer can depict a wedding procession or a dandiya dance, for instance.

Berry Red and Brown Blend
Flaunt the Berry and Brown Blend!

Bridal wedding lehengas in berry red stand out on their own! The deep red and brown colour is absolutely stunning when paired with the elegant golden accents. Due to little touches like the net sleeves and latkans at the waist, it seems even more magnificent.

Berry and Wine
The berry blast in Red Wine!

The incredibly wine-like berry red bridal lehenga is highly reminiscent of couture from earlier times. A high neck choli with a distinct design structure, beige embroidery, and unique designs on the skirt may also be added to it to complete the look. To give the garment an old-world air, the bride may choose to wear it with a beige dupatta and vintage jewellery.

Coral Lehenga
Exquisite Coral Red!

Bridal reds are gaining a new perspective in the dynamic and constantly evolving wedding industry. Coral red, a naturally occurring treasure, is enhancing the value of the fashion industry with its exquisite colour. In terms of bridal apparel, this vivifying and revitalising colour offers a break from the worn-out dazzling reds and deep maroons. First things first, we strongly advise looking at this unique colour if you haven’t already selected your wedding lehenga. This colour is extremely beautiful and suitable for a variety of wedding styles, especially daytime ceremonies. A gorgeous dupatta and rich Gota Patti embroidery might make this simple lehenga into something remarkable.