5 Types Of Bridal Necklace Any Bride-to-be Must Own


Marriage is an important part of every girl’s life and on that day she wants to be the most beautiful version of herself. From the wedding attire to the venue and from jewellery to other accessories everything should be ideal and in perfect order. Likewise, the bridal necklace is an important aspect to enhance the beauty of the bride. Each occasion in the wedding rituals needs different attire and jewellery to match with. Here are some of the trending neck piece ideas for the bride-to-be to choose from.

1) Choker


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A quintessential piece of jewellery which has the power to enhance your look at once. You can opt for a wideband choker, jadavi lacha choker with your choice of stones and gems and Persian choker.  

2) Navratan

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As the name suggests, navratan necklace or jewellery contains nine kinds of precious and semi-precious stones and gems in it.

3) Collar Necklace

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Collar necklace are said to be similar to the choker, but collar necklace are a bit close to the collar bone. This trendy piece of jewellery can be worn on shirts with a skirt.

4) Guttapusalu


Guttapusalu is a South-Indian piece of jewellery. This piece of perfection was worn by Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja at their weddings and makes it trending neck piece.

5) Satlada/ Panchlada/ Teenlada


Satlada, Panchlada and Teenlada all these belong to the same family with the difference of seven layers, five layers and three layers respectively. The layers are made up of pearls and gems.

Try these neck pieces during your wedding rituals and get the ethereal look of your dreams. Pair these neck pieces according to the apparel you’ll be wearing during the occasion. Besides that, you can also opt for custom made jewellery to give it your touch of smartness.

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