5 Unique Décor Ideas For Your Wedding Rituals

The Wedding Brigade

We have grown up seeing wedding rituals conducted in a specific manner in our country. Those flower decorations, big chandeliers and even bigger feasts have followed a similar pattern since long. But these days, young couples are adopting newer décor and ritual ideas to add to the grandeur and luminosity of their weddings. Wedding décor and rituals can be customized as the families wish, and your wedding need not be your regular next-door wedding.

If beach weddings or destination weddings are still out-of-budget for you, but still you want an amalgam of traditional and modern in your wedding, we have listed some wedding décor ideas to make your wedding a memorable one –

1.Green Wedding


No need to book fancy hotels and resorts when you can create a beautiful affair out of your wedding by basing it in nature. You can perform your wedding rituals in beautiful open spaces with lots of trees around. White decorations look splendid on green backgrounds. Imagine taking your ‘phere’ while the lovely nature overlooks you. Imagine the breath-taking pictures that are going to be captured.

2. Geometric Patterns

Wedding Chimes

If you feel that ‘blingy’ wedding decorations are too boring for you, then you might want to consider decorating your wedding functions with colourful geometric shapes. This gives the functions a minimalistic, funky and modern touch.

3. Candle-lit Wedding


Instead of a late-night wedding, you can schedule your wedding for a late evening when candle lights and lanterns can be used for decorations, avoiding other light mediums. Alternatively, for a late night wedding, all the guests’ tables can be placed with scented candles in a glass to change the aura into a warm and misty one.

4. DIY Counters

Function mania

You can add little DIY counters for your guests where they can leave custom messages as gifts for the bride and groom. This can include little postcards, hand-made sheets to write letters on and little masks and accessories that people can use to click selfies at your wedding. You can also leave a DIY cocktails section for your guests.

5. White Wedding

Indian Wedding Venues

You can try giving a white theme for your wedding. Crisp white fabrics and decorations highlight minimalism and luxury. You can also give a coloured theme to your wedding. White, however, looks clean and stands out against decorations and backgrounds. Be assured of some stunning photographs for your wedding. Some cultures like the Parsis, already keep white-themed weddings. Remember gal mitthi mitthi bol from Aisha? Well, you can recreate that yourself.

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