Change is the only constant. Well, change transforms its forms in a marriage. It is not the seven vows that define a marriage. Instead, it is those ‘I DOs’ that a couple takes into their stride after getting married. Getting married brings forth a set of new challenges, good bad and ugly. But, in the end, they bring evolution to two individuals into togetherness.

1. Priorities

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Time for self-love takes a back seat. Not that a marriage seizes the life out of you, but it takes a downshift for new priorities. It is now first about your spouse, then their extended families. If then there’s any room left, you can fit yourselves. With marriage, new perspectives burgeon in life.

2. Responsibilities


The dynamics of responsibilities are like age. They only increase over time. Marriage isn’t about only sacrifices. It brings along a sweet fruit called ‘sharing’. Be it money, children, parents, house or your work. Life becomes more comfortable, as you share equal parts of responsibilities.

3. Independence

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Young couples usually feel insecure about their respective individuality in a marriage. Because it isn’t one-sided, it is easier to comprehend each others’ aspects of freedom. Some days will call for overjoyed dependency, while others will demand to find our own place of solace.

4. Understanding of Each Other

Learning the art of patience brings joy in the game of life. It matures like wine in a barrel, with time. A gradual yet continual change – patience is the key to achieving overall happiness in a couple’s life. Whether you are a new bride or a new father, each day seeks its own share of patience.

5. Comfort Level


As your bond strengthens you not only understand each other well and grow used to each other but also get cosy and comfortable with each other with time.

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