5 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Wardrobe Winter-Proof


You may be planning to go on your winter honeymoon, getting all excited to see snow. But you need to make sure that you pack all the wardrobe essentials so that you look your best even when you are surrounded by cold winds. For all the couples who are heading to higher altitudes for their much awaited honeymoon, here are 5 essentials that you must add in your winter wardrobe:

Leather Jackets: Leather jackets come in all hues from the classic plain black ones to the printed ones which are quite a rage nowadays. These are the best option if you are planning to wear something comfortable  yet super stylish. They glam-up your look while protecting you from the chilly winds outside.

Beanie: Beanies look cool and stylish and are quite a hit with fashion enthusiasts. They are your best friend if you are having a bad hair day and are too lazy to wash them.

Gloves: Wearing woolly gloves are the best way to protect your hands in winters. A funky pair of gloves with prints is a must have to help you protect yourself from the snow.

Mufflers: Winter wear can generally be a little monotonous as it comes in all the dull, dark colours. Mufflers can be used to add a pop of colour to your drab winter wear. Added bonus, it keeps you warm. You can drape your muffler in a lot of ways to complement your outfits like classic loop or the simple knot.

Boots: From the classic knee-high boots to the flavour of the season-combat boots, they come in all shapes and sizes. Boots can be paired with almost any outfit ranging from jeans to dresses. Boots can be used to dress-up or down depending on the occasion. They are a wardrobe staple for those who love the boho look.


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