5 ways to show off your engagement on social media


Wedding season is basically around the corner! But we’re getting a few steps ahead of ourselves. Engagement comes before wedding so..if you are in need of a fun way to announce your engagement across Instagram or any other social media platform. Take a look at these 6 pics that totally caught our eye.


Involve your precious pets 

An engagement is not just two people coming together sometimes there’s a dog too! Show off your engagement announcement along with your pets cause they too are going to be a part of this. 

Beach is the way to go

If you were lucky enough to get engaged in a beach, this idea is perfect for you. Whether you write your own special message in the sand or take a romantic water-front photo, what ever the case is it will make a beautiful beach engagement announcement.

Selfie announcement 

you’ve got time between the proposal and maybe you did not want the world to see how you got engaged, but want to announce it anyway , why not purchase one of these mugs? Show off your new rock with a post-engagement selfie. 

Your engagement destination

Plenty of couples get engaged in beautiful destinations, and the beauty of the locations is also a part of your  engagement announcement as much as your ring . Whether you hire a photographer and do an engagement shoot click a picture with your partner and you in your stunning surrounding so you can post this picture perfect moment on social media .

Candid moment 

Have a professional photographer or trusted loved one take candid photos of you and your partner during the proposal is the most romantic way to show off your engagement. People love seeing how the two of you interact naturally rather than a posed photo, show of your ring and show off your love. 


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