5 Wedding Favours That Will Never Fail You


Weddings in India are always an exceptional phenomenon — with all the rituals, vibrant colours to the stories behind these rituals and precious moments every function is something that makes the festivities a never-ending affair. A wedding is special for every bride and groom and for making it memorable for the guests, give them something worth remembering. Here are some favour ideas for you to think about.

1) Glitzy Silver

Silver gifts are always in trend when it comes to wedding favours. There are many options available for you to gift your guests like silver coins, currency notes, utensils and idols.

2) Something Eco-Friendly

People are getting conscious about the environment and that’s a good thing. For that giving something eco-friendly to your guests has never been a bad idea. It could be a biodegradable potli or drawstring bags, pots and plants, bamboo toothbrushes or edible and organic treats.

3) Clothing

The idea of gifting clothes to your guests never fails. After all, who doesn’t want to wear perfect clothes? You can either gift your guests a piece of clothing fabrics or a pre-stitched dress, it’s up to you.

4) Coffee And Tea Samples

Every person is either a tea or a coffee lover and some just love both. Give your guests customised gift of tea or coffee samples that they’ll love.

5) Candles

Candles will never fail to impress. With their immense qualities and variations, they become the best gifting option.

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