6 Exotic International Wedding Destinations

International Wedding Destinations

Destination weddings are becoming very popular, and especially international  wedding destinations for Indian couples have been popping up everywhere. There are many couples nowadays who want to celebrate their weddings in style, be it a celebrity or any other couple. For those couples who love travelling, a destination wedding is a perfect excuse to travel as well as celebrate a beautiful memorable wedding ceremony with your loved ones.


international wedding destination italy

This European country is full to the brim with culture, tradition and stunning wedding destinations. The mesmerizing backdrops of Italy are ideal settings for a romantic destination wedding of your dreams. From the stunning Lake Como to celebrating your wedding ceremony in the ancient castles in Tuscany, the waterfront villas on the Amalfi Coast etc. The sparkling oceans, the cool breeze caressing your skin and the meandering wine regions provide a rustic backdrop for your wedding. This country, complete with its many landscapes is custom-made for a romantic union.

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destination wedding france

This country will provide a unique and memorable experience for your wedding celebrations. The stunning vistas of the country of France will provide you with a perfect venue. Imagine hosting your wedding in the picturesque French chateau followed by a grand reception in Southern France’s charming hill towns and captivating villages. Experience a fairy tale wedding in various French chateaus like Chateau Les Carrasses, Chateau St Pierre De Serjac, Chateau De La Bourlie, Chateau De Tilly and Château de Robernier.


destination wedding greece

Greece offers many spectacular backdrops for a stunning wedding celebration. The breathtaking natural beauty of the Aegean Sea and the warm hospitality that the country of Greece offers make for gorgeous venues perfect for celebrating a wedded union.

Greece features many lovely locales from luxurious beach resorts to many famous historical landscapes in places like the Athens Riviera being one of the most famous places for hosting weddings, Mykonos and Santorini for their beautiful blue and white cityscapes, beaches and traditional temples, Rhodes for its streets full of adorable boutiques and bars, Crete for its wild and natural beauty and delicious cuisine, Corfu for its majestic mansions etc. The warm climate, spectacular sunsets and stunning cityscapes and landscapes of Greece provide a romantic ambience for your wedding celebration.

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destination wedding spain

Another country best for a destination wedding is Spain which offers many unique and stunning venues for a grand wedding celebration. Experience a spectacular wedding in the city of Seville which is famous for its flamenco music and dance, tapas cuisine and the majestic Alcazar palace. A wedding in this city provides you with many backdrops like the historic buildings and stunning courtyards which are perfect for hosting a grand Indian wedding. The capital city of Madrid offers various luxurious venue options like Palacio Real and Parque del Buen Retiro along with fine dining and luxury shopping.

Marbella, a city along the sunny Costa del Sol coastline of Spain is perfect for a glamorous Mediterranean beach wedding, one of the largest islands of Spain, Mallorca boasts picturesque venues for stunning weddings with its natural beauty in the form of coves, majestic cliffs and beaches for a luxurious seaside wedding, Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city offers charming architecture, beautiful culture and delicious cuisine which makes it perfect for hosting grand Indian wedding celebrations etc. and many other such places.


turkey destination wedding

Turkey stands at the crossroads between Europe and Asia which makes it one of the countries which have a harmonious blend of European and Asian culture, making it a perfect place for destination weddings. The many attractions of the country such as historical monuments, natural beauty, vibrant cities and beautiful coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city of Istanbul with its famous Bosphorus Strait is a scene of tranquillity which makes for a great venue for grand wedding celebrations, perfect for couples who desire a cultural, adventurous and fun-filled wedding.


morrocco destination wedding

This Moroccan city with its unique patterns, textures and vibrant colours has become one of the most popular destinations for weddings. This exotic city is a blend of old and new neighbourhoods which offer elegant historic mansions and villas along with modern restaurants and markets all at the same time. The fascinating architecture of the city makes it perfect for a vibrant destination wedding.

These are some of the most beautiful places in the world to get hitched. Take advice from this blog to select the perfect destination where you would want to get wed with your partner and close loved ones.