6 Feet apart: ways to practice social distancing at weddings 


The global pandemic sure did give a lot of trouble to several couples who were about to get married. But since the authorities are easing out a few norms and trying to take things slow then it’s time for us to take the and matters into our own hands. Listed below are a few ways through which social distancing can be practiced at your respective weddings.

Spacious seating arrangements

Even though the government might have eased out on a few rules in terms of weddings in the time of the global pandemic, but still there are norms that you need to follow. The most important norm is to maintain social distancing, and how can you do that? Well, one way to do that is to go a little unique with your seating arrangements and make sure to place all the seats in the proper distance instead of lining them up in a close-knit trail. This way you’ll be able to give your guests a safety net for your wedding.

Signs, signs on the wall!


Nope, it’s not mirror, mirror on the wall, instead, it is signs, signs on the wall, especially while we speak of pandemic wedding ceremonies. This is another tip to maintain social distancing at your wedding. That says that you can try and place quirky signs and goofy indications after every interval that indicate social distancing. This way your guests will be under a constant reminder of minding the gap.

No bar visits!!


Don’t lose hope guys, we’re not refraining you from having drinks or enjoying the wedding ceremony, instead, we’re keeping the pandemic situation in mind and helping you with certain ideas. Yet another goofy trick to lure your guests into following the norms of social distancing is to probably limit the visits to the bar. You can either ask waiters to get the drinks for you or else you can be patient enough to wait and watch until there are less than four people at the bar. This way you’ll be all distanced and socially safe even while enjoying the ceremony.

Slash off the dance floor maybe?!

No, guys again, you’re misunderstanding us, we’re not asking you to limit your moves or to not display a DJ at your wedding ceremony. Instead what we aim at saying is that you should probably drop the idea of setting up a confined dance floor, because this way it might get too crowded at just one place. And who says that you are to dance only on the stage? You can groove right where you are, what say? Because this way you’ll be distant and have a little fun too.

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