6 reasons men are obsessed with heading south


6 reasons men are obsessed with heading south_Wedding AffairWell flown rumours are that, that men are quite selfish when it comes to oral sex. Admitted! No man would ever demur when offered a blowjob from the woman he fancies. But at the same time they are truly obsessed with heading south on their lady-love. While men like to receive oral sex, they too love to divulge into one by restoring the gesture. Don’t think it’s legit? We can justify.

Extended Pleasure

According to researches, the penetration lasts only for some time and the rest of the pleasure comes from fore-playing. Yes, foreplay lasts longer than sex itself. Not forgetting, women take longer than men to climax makes it an extended session of amorousness. Ladies, boast!

The View

The ‘below the boob’ view is a nerve breaker for them, trust me! Boys, imagine yourself in that position, now look up, not a bad view, right? This position gives him full access to your boobs, is there anything else they could ask for?

Hair Caressing

Awww.. men absolutely love it when your hands are in their hair, massaging them. The pressure you apply when brushing his hair informs him about the amount of pleasure you’re drowned in. The delightful massage when comes in contact with the undiscovered nerve ending in the scalp, makes it a two-way pleasure all together.

The Bond Quotient

When talking hardcore intimacy, oral sex is a winner. Nothing can be as bonding as oral sex. It is a way to open fully and connect hesitation – free with your partner. A sign that proves your comfort level in the relationship. The closeness is insane—both emotionally and physically.

Clit-ery Attention

During intercourse, the most important female spot gets neglected, unknowingly. Along with the G-Spot, the C-Spot too is crucial for female pleasure and of course it needs to be fulfilled. Men don’t want to neglect the tiny thing; it’s full of rewards after all.

Dual Climax

Why not? In a race of who would reach to an orgasm, the man always tries to win. But hey! Won’t be possible while you’re south on your woman. You cannot always win, and also you shouldn’t. Sex is no race, let the pleasure be equal and satisfactory. Wondering, how can we both climax when only he’s the one in action. Well, he’ll have to serve himself too.