Tangerine Lehenga for the win!

Lehenga Design

A girl plans for her lehenga before she plans her wedding. This saying, believe me, is very true for all the girls out there who’ve ever imagined being in the center of a fairy wedding. A lot of background research goes into finding the best wedding outfit. Fashion trends change every year and, so do the lehenga designs. Each year a new palette comes into play and we get to witness brides wearing different styles and designs.

An Indian wedding is a full-on drama and it starts with a happy bride trying her best to find the best lehenga for herself. Nights of internet pondering, window shopping, and taking suggestions ultimately lead to the finalization of the D-Day outfit. Every year renowned designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra give leading wedding attire trends to the world. Most of the time, what they make sets the trend.

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We’ve seen how red has been winning the hearts of brides since forever. Quite recently, we’ve seen the trend of pastels too. Hues of light pink and light blue added elegance and the simplicity of the outfit made pastels look even more beautiful. However, 2021 is the year of vibrant wedding lehengas. Brides are beautiful, they are the life of a wedding. Their wedding glow is unmissable. And when it is complemented by a stunning lehenga, the moment is a sight to behold.

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Tangerine is 2021’s wedding color. It is paving its way to becoming the color crush of all the girls who are about to get married. Tangerine is flirty, bold, playful, and elegant. It is a color that can add life to a wedding. Also, as a bride, you can be sure of stealing the show if you wear something as tangy as Tangerine.

Tangerine Lehenga can be worn with graceful golden jewelry. If you are keen on twinning with your groom, you both can win the flirty Tangerine game together. Crushing on Lehenga is what we as girls have been doing since forever. Choosing the perfect shade is important since Lehenga is one such memory that will live with you throughout. Your wedding album, 10 years down the line, will become a memory of the past. And, I’m sure you’d not want to look old school.

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Wearing Tangerine will make you stand out and etch in everyone’s mind an image of you that is happy, unique, and vibrant. If you are about to get married, we’d suggest you go for Tangerine. We are giving a thumbs up to all the girls crushing on Tangy Tangerine wedding lehengas.