Top 7 Bridal Nails Perfect for Indian Brides

bridal photoshoot

Choose the bridal nail art meant for you from this list and create your bridal look with it.

In the chaos of millions of preparations for a wedding, the preparation to get a perfect bridal nail design can often get overlooked. The decision pending on choosing a beautiful bridal lehenga, designing an appealing invitation, choosing a scenic location, creating an amazing menu – all these can be a lot. And it’s likely to miss a thing or two in these. Don’t worry, we have got all your smallest of details covered. In this list, you will find 7 trending bridal nail ideas to take inspiration from, for your wedding manicure.

French with a Twist

french tip bridal nails

French nail art is the most requested bridal nail art, and it is very deserved. This classic nail art is an all time favourite and can be included in your bridal manicure too. For a simple classy look, you can go with simple and classic French nails. If you want to jazz it up, you can opt for an interesting twist on it, like glitter French nails, abstract French nails, ombre designs on the tips, asymmetrical tips etc.

Geometric Glamour

maroon bridal nails

A modern classic, this chic nail is a must to go for if you like a little edgy touch in your style. They are interesting and stylish. The abstract style creates a perfect drama while keeping things very minimal and simple. And the best part of going for geometric nails is that the number of options is endless. You can go as simple as you want with the pattern, or as complicated as you like to experiment.

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Ravishing Reds

red bridal nails

The colour red is the most significant for Indian brides, and it goes without saying that red nails are the most common design for their wedding nails. Considered as an auspicious colour, red not only is elegant but also holds a very high place in Indian weddings. Pick your favourite shade of red according to your skin tone, and then add glitters or embellishments to make it a bit extra. If you don’t want to have it all red, keep a finger or two for golden.

Neutral Beauty

natural nude bridal nails

If extravaganza is not really your thing and you like minimal things over complicated designs, this style is for you. Replace the bright colours with neutral hues, perfect for not clashing with your dark henna. Pick light cool tones to compliment the undertone of your outfit. You can also decorate the nails with a touch of glitter or embellishments. Perfect for silver, diamond or pearl jewellery too.

Loads of Sparkle

glitter design bridal nails

Another all time classic for Indian weddings, glittery nails are a favourite among the brides. It matches the bling of a traditional Indian wedding outfit, in both style and personality. If you only want a subtle hint of glitter, for glitter ombre manicure nails, or just glitter accents. You can also go all out with a shimmer and have full nails painted in silver or golden glitter.

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Embellished Elegance

bridal nails with stone work

Bling has been many brides’ best style companions. Rhinestone nails are on almost every girl’s wish list now. For as big a day as your wedding, rhinestones are the way to go for an extravagant manicure. There are plenty of options to pick from for embellishments too, and you can make every nail look different yet similar with this style.

Metallic Story

metallic bridal nails

Metallic has been back in fashion for a few years now and nail art designs are not behind. If you don’t want to go for anything classic, choose this edgy trend. A simple nail paint with metallic finish can create a big statement without any extra accessorization on them. You can also make one or two of your nails pop with metallic colour within simpler designs on others.

bridal nail

The bridal outfit is undeniably the most important and most difficult to decide part of wedding planning. Meeting hundreds of people, being clicked for thousands of pictures, and most importantly, creating a very special once in a lifetime memory – everything requires the bride to look her best on her special day. And bridal manicure is one of the many parts of your wedding look. So to look ravishing on your wedding day, you need to plan your manicure weeks before and book your appointment with a good nail salon to avoid any kind of inconvenience.