The style bloggers you may not be following yet but should add to your radar.

  1. Aakriti Rana (@aakriti_lachicaloca)
    For everything girly and flirty, this is the one account you should follow! She’s basically all the goals when it comes to looking every bit a fashionista!10957239_994739120606090_1869115425_n
  2. Aayushi Bangur (@styledrive)
    If you’re more into chic, sophisticated yet bold and showstopping style and outfits, Aayushi’s account is all the inspiration you need! If you are a beauty junkie, you should definitely follow her for amazing make-up tips and tutorials!13561938_290187264661159_142970404_n
  3. Aashna Shroff (@thesnobjournal)
    She’s all about elegance and class, propped up beautifully with the best of accessories. Aashna is every college girls’ go-to fashion guru.13437299_1037716502976614_1891680012_n
  4. Santoshi Shetty (@santushi_thestyledge)
    Edgy, quirky, sharp and bold- if structures define you, and you’re not one to shy away from experimenting, then this is the one account you should be following!13597629_816706391762957_2134847386_n
  5. Shivani Patil (@the.f.drug)
    She’s all about personal style and doesn’t restrict herself to any one type of dressing. Shivani’s account is the place to be if you’re looking to see everything that’s in vogue!13414235_625137324330324_1734693835_n
  6. Riya Jain (@caughtinacuff)
    She takes her hues very seriously and provides her followers with the best advice on what accessories to splurge on and what to avoid. Follow her for some uber chic style inspiration!13549630_926326030847448_975649197_n
  7. Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)
    Definitely not your typical fashion blogger, but totally one you should follow for her innate sense of fashion and her ability to somehow make edgy and quirky looks look very easy and pleasing to pull off! She’s got the boho vibe on point!13531824_1321090787918724_1491090690_n
  8. Mehak Ghai (@mehakghai)
    Fashion And Beauty Blogger, Mehak Ghai is the girl you must follow for everything, from girly girl fashion to urban chic, and for the best makeup tutorials!13534242_1742763135999365_1556863245_n
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