7 Never Out of Fashion Romantic Gestures


romantic couple_Wedding AffairLet’s get back to pavilion.

Writing Love notes/ Letters

Think of the day when you last picked up a pen to write a love note or an elaborated love letter? I feel you and that feels ages back! Forget texting at least when you are living together under one roof, rather than dropping texts-stick notes on the refrigerator. And rather than tagging in videos or picture on Facebook, self-express on a piece of paper and let your words help you instead of someone else’s.

Mere Physical Contact

The smallest gesture to leave an unexpected peck on the cheek or on the forehead is never going to turn stale. This mere expression could make the significant other go head over heels. While sex is so common these days, these expressions aren’t. Holding hands, playing with their hair, hugging till your gut is satisfied are today showed less interest on than they should have. The most powerful contact of all being the eye-contact; ones smile could lie, words could con but eyes are never mistaken. Before getting into the sheets, get into the soul to be able to make legit relationships happen.

Cooking for each other

“Why cook when we can just arrange a classy dinner in a five-star hotel juxtapose a pool”, is current generation’s outlook. Little do they know, the essence of home cooked food specially cooked to express love! Now imagine this, after a long-hectic day at work, your husband/boyfriend enters home, takes a trip to the washroom to wash his hands, picks up the apron hanging in the kitchen, ties it around him and gets his hands on cooking your favorite dish. This effort to make his wife/girlfriend happy is out of the world, no fancy dinner could replace that feeling. Love is a team work and together you achieve more.

Small Coffee Dates

The scarcity of time in our lives today is a perfect excuse to avoid meeting people but, sitting in a coffee shop with a guy on a Saturday evening, I realized how perfect these pretty little things can be. Just like every other adult, we two also can hardly make time in these hectic work schedules, but once in a while, a 30-45 minute coffee date garnished with some candied talks can just bring your zeal to a different level. The problem is we have forgotten how to savor small meetings, which are sometimes way better than hours spent together.

Playing blank calls

Pickup that landline kept on the corner table of your sofa which you haven’t touched since you bought an iPhone or probably a Smartphone and play blank calling with your dearest. Sometimes irritating each other can make you build strong relationships than just being etiquettes. Picture the post prank laugh and get dialing.

Deliberate Bumping into each other

Just like how it happened in movies, girl walking with books in her hand – not paying much attention on the path and the guy profoundly bumps into her, making her books fall and then helping her gather them all, leading to an eye-contact followed with a coy smile. These Bollywood movie scenes are too silly to be real, but they somewhat worked in the early 90’s. Not that you have to carbon it, but yes you can try doing it, to break the tedium born lately in your relationship.

Handmade Gifts

Buying expensive gifts, branded accessories and clothes are the new definition of relationships. A little effort to drop inside a stationary to shop some crafts to make some cards or presents will be the best gesture to express your love. Handmade gifts unlike mere objects-brought and forwarded, are going to hold much value than that you spent bucks on. When you bestow these little gestures, they keep plastering the relationship, making it stronger.

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