Are you the bride planning on a catchy honeymoon trip to Europe? Well, it definitely is an exquisite way to start off your wedded journey. Travelling together will help you prompt those little three words a little more often. But, it’s the alluring Europe that will make you both have hots. Europe has a lot to proffer and here is a list of seven destinations in Europe you can’t skip on.

1. Santorini, Greece

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Santorini, an island in Greece with splendid views and white houses. A perfect place to stroll around hand in hand with your beloved. It has opulent honeymoon suites and unforgettable seafood experiences.

2. Venice, Italy


Book a boat ride to Murano Island and sail across the city of enchanted waters. Venice is one of the most romantic destinations in Italy to fly in.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Picturesque sunset views, an amorous place and pebbly beaches make Dubrovnik a tempting place to visit. It is also known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”.

4. Paris, France


Paris is the first place to pop in for romance. Traditionally dine under the Eiffel tower, sip the country wine and spice up your eroticism.

5. Prague, The Czech Republic

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Offering historic sites, museums and galleries are what Prague is all about. A cheap place to experience serenity in the cosy hotels of the city. Dine beside the river, go skiing and hiking in winters.

6. Valencia, Spain

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An old street town with Europe’s largest and historic town attractions. A honeymoon place to walk around the long stretches of luring sandy beaches, nightclubs and dining places.

7. Budapest, Hungary

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The magic place for lovers, the city of antique Romans has art and thermal springs. Admire each other in the most romantic destination in Europe.

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