First dates are crucial in deciding whether there would be a second date or not. Ditch the cliché ideas of having candlelight dinner or watching a film, and let us help you plan an offbeat first date which would lead to many more follow up dates.

1. A Concert

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There is nothing better than bonding over similar taste in music especially if you are a music aficionado. At times lyrics of a song convey your feelings more effectively than words. Simply feel the beat and get grooving.

2. An Art Class

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Be it a pottery class or the eccentric art of doodle making, you two can indulge in some fun while exploring your artistic side. There is nothing better than discovering and pursuing a common hobby.

3. Let’s Laugh Together

Time Out

You certainly don’t need to take this much of stress over collecting and collating data but merely share smiles and glances at jokes
and get in a jovial mood.

4. To A Brewery


The aroma is as intoxicating as the drink itself. With breweries and vineyards hosting tasting sessions as well as other activities such as grape-stomping and grilling sessions, it’s a great way to have an unconventional date.

5. A Museum

Art Museum date

 Want to know a person on a deep, intellectual level? Want to satiate your sapiosexual desires? A museum date is perfect to have open-ended conversations for there would seldom be a moment of awkward silence between you two. The best part is the chance for you to understand how the other person perceives life without asking them those blunt questions.

6. Game On

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Care to spend some frolic time playing foosball, go bowling or venture into the enrapturing world of the new age VR games? Gaming hubs can offer you some adventurous time with the promise of establishing a playful bond with your

7. A Walk To Remember

Romance In Udaipur

Every place has a history to it. You can plan to take your date to a heritage walk through the city and show it through a different lens by sharing your experiences associated with the place and then let creativity take over.

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i still remember my first date to the brewery where we brewed some and so much love !! Awesome content!!


Awesome content