When you learn that it is in realms of possibility that the girl you are about to meet may end up being your life partner, getting nervous is nothing but obvious. With your heart in your mouth, shaking in your shoes, you may be in a state of nerves right now. Meeting a potential partner for the first time can make anyone fret like a cat on a hot tin roof. If you are struggling with a situation like this one, trust us, you’re not the first person on this planet who is acting this way. While we have established that, what needs to be done is try to overcome this state of mine and try to present yourself in the most amiable manner. Not everyone believes that first impression is the last impression, but, it is definitely an important one. In case of rishta meetings, there is no guarantee that you may get to see her again — you can’t blame her if she doesn’t want to meet you again after you’ve shown her a lousy, dull or rude version of yours.  

Along with the way you behave, one thing that is very important (if not most important) is the way you dress yourself. A loose t-shirt and droopy pants won’t exactly be the best clothes to preself yourself in. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing the best of brands, it is your choice of clothes that will ultimately reveal what kind of a person you are. We got in touch with a few recently married men to bring forth a fashion guide for you to nail that rishta day look.

1. A White Shirt Goes Long Way


Dress up in a crisp shirt and pair it with a semi-formal trouser. Opt for a classy pair of Moccasins for that comfortable yet dapper look.

2. You Don’t Know What A Bow Can Do


It may not be an everyday accessory for most men but this small piece of cloth can actually do wonders. Sport a quirky bow tie and see how it will alter your appearance entirely to give you that much-needed edge.

3. Opt For An All Formal Look


A man in formal? Nah, a gentleman in formal. Formal wear never lets you down whether it’s in respect to your confidence or looks. It brings out the real essence of a gentleman dressed sophisticatedly.

4. Blend It Like A Pro

The Smart Local

A safe option can be to mix and match formal as well as semi-formal clothes. Pair a casual shirt with a clean denim and complete the outfit with a waistcoat. If one desires, he can wear tie as well to look more appealing.

5. Spark It Up With Some Desi Aura


One might opt for a fine print Nehru jacket with a casual shirt and trouser, or else put on a kurta with denim jeans to fascinate the ‘desi dil’  of your fiancee.

PRO TIP: No matter which attire you choose, don’t forget to wear a classic watch and an eau de cologne.

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