7 popular – but not so true Sex Myths busted!


sex myths_WeddingaffairAll that the world whispers in your ears, all that you have believed to be true since time immemorial, might not always be true. It’s about time we delve into a conversation about sexual intercourse and rule out the ‘myths’.

The concept of ‘sexual pleasure’ has been packaged with antiquated philosophies and weighed down with the endless demands of a man’s carnal needs, since centuries. But now, let the bygones be bygones! The era of the new woman witnesses how the damsels are no longer distressed about their sexuality. We have stepped into the realm of strong, determined women who accept the gushing waves of their desires and allow them to play out. Unbuttoning the covered up faces of sensuality, men of this era occasionally discover the pleasure of being snared by the lioness. It’s a new world of voicing out the old and the obvious, saying things that were never said before and erasing myths that were said out loud but made no sense.   This generation entangles in a limb to limb experience for sheer pleasure with a strong mind of an egalitarian. I would give away an arm and a leg to find a group of women who smirk at the idea of lying back, as the erogenous parts of their bodies are carefully explored and tantalized. Oops! Doesn’t the rule book of sex notions inscribe the idea of ‘Men wanting to act out their sex fantasies’ in gold? We have safely landed in a time belt where the generation has been gleefully ruling out the ancient myths of coital experiences. Men and women explore the best of both worlds to please their deepest desires. All that you hear on the grapevine are myths that have no practical reasoning, which is why I am going to happily burst them with a pen in my hand. Let’s not cloud our opinions with beliefs that are anything but true.

Myth 1: Only Men worship Sex

Of course, they do, but so do WOMEN. Stocking up the bags of one specific gender with all the love for their sex game is like stating, ‘there is only one side of the moon’. Rummaging through the pages of ‘what do women want’, a book by Daniel Bergner sparked enticing questions in my

mind. What is it about a man’s obsession with sex that get’s the gender all the limelight? How can the ‘desire to be desired’ by someone be restricted to one gender alone? Prowling for answers, I fumbled through pages of experiences written down by experts. I grasped the opinions of a bunch of friends wrapped in sexual harmony, all of which directed me towards ‘one’ conclusion – one does not have to coax an independent woman of this generation to satisfy his sexual desire; she makes ‘equal efforts’ to grab the fleshier chunk of the meat.

Myth 2: Size and Prejudice

A man’s fixation of having a bigger package for a woman’s pleasure serves a human’s psychological needs more than any possible scientifically explained form of bliss. The overwhelming rush of emotions and the famous ‘pulsating feeling’ that drives a woman to her state of rapture has absolutely nothing to do with the size her insides are stimulated with. Experts have stated time and again that a woman’s G-spot is located exactly two inches away from her vagina. Sometimes, the larger paraphernalia of intimacy might miss the spot that can ultimately transport her to the land of fulfilled desires. Hence, brush away the myths of sex, associated with the ‘size’.

Myth 3: Only Men can manage alone

Almost all the male friends in my life gleefully accept watching porn, which has now become a part of their lifestyle. No one has to nod their head or put a signature to their very obvious need to reach to the climax on their own when a partner is not around. But does that instate that women are coy about their sexual needs or do not feel the urge to experience touch in an intimate way? Somehow, a woman’s need to explore the most responsive and delicate parts of her body is a subject of hush-hush. We are walking amidst a cultural movement where on one hand, women, specifically the prominent faces have chosen to be vocal about their interest in watching porn or their need to masturbate, while in the other, politicians and civilians still justify ‘rape’ with the victims choice of attire. The truth of urban India is, there’s no dearth of women who experience sexual curiosity, and stand by the concept of self pleasure. Although the porn industry continues to cater largely to the male audience with highlighted focus on men’s pleasure, the market has witnessed a drastic change with female directors and ethical producers’ participation. It’s time for revelation; it’s time to allow the society to see you as an individual with your distinguished desires, than merely an object of pleasure.

Myth 4: Bed Escapades are not for women!

‘Adventures’, does the word sound masculine to you? Remember the name Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean or Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla, who have explored the space? Does the word still sound masculine to you? Coining the term ‘adventurous’ stringently with the nature of man, sounds like such an underestimation. Betty Friedan, the American writer and feminist once commented, “No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.” The need for adventure comes not from a human’s gender, but nature. Regardless of what physical intricacies you were born with, you cannot staple your hands from adventure, if your soul lusts for it. It’s time the flock of strong-minded women who spend hours browsing ThatsPersonal.com, or Zivame to pick that erotic baby doll suit for the night, and burn a hole in their pockets to dress up as the most provocative characters from the world of fiction,  are appreciated for being the adventure they are.

Myth 5: Satisfied Enough?

Are your neighbours keeping you awake for nights with moans of pleasure? The key to their nights of fulfilled desires is their greed for more. Science has justified time and again that women are blessed with the ability to experience multiple orgasms. But did someone justify the need of ‘never being satisfied’? If not, then enlighten yourself. At the end of the day it’s all about indulging in a happier experience in bed. If not, you would not be rummaging or scrolling through multiple pages and blogs providing information to keep the levels of ecstasy high in your life. The key to a blissful sexual life is to never be ‘satisfied enough’. With the ever-growing reasons to stress yourself out, tearing down your shoulders with burden of responsibilities, at work and at home, you deserve nights of unparalleled eroticism. After all, the multitude of options created for your wild demands, including the fluffy handcuffs, are all designed to quench your need for more.

Myth 6: Women settle for less!

Gone are the days when women would strip down or bend over backwards to appease a man’s desire. At the present time, women are equally vocal about their yearnings. Fortunately, a large chunk of the men’s population takes immense pleasure in watching a woman smile at his efforts of pleasing her senses. I would not call all of their actions unconditional, but damsels often bump across men who are ready to offer her whatever it takes. The art of making a woman bite her lips is an achievement for some men. So dear women, let the harbingers of ecstasy who walk into your life with the motive of letting you fancy the frenzy achieve their heart’s utmost desire.

Myth 7: The Withdrawal Method

Yes, that’s a myth! To the majority of you who believe you can stop the seeds from planting a new life in your family with the process of ‘pulling out’ at the right time, it’s a risk you should not always be willing to take. You are definitely misguided if you have high hopes from the process. We are not enlisting it in the ‘impossible’ zone, but depending on the withdrawal process to drive your sail smoothly through the intercourse could ruin one heck of an experience for you. Sometimes the lousy act of premature ejaculation can also lead to sowing a new life. The process is always easier for men who can easily figure out when they are closer or about to reach the ‘final’ point. Withdrawal requires a large amount of self-control and must be ruled out of the book of inexperienced men. However, couples who have been comfortably involved in the process of love-making and have complete trust in one another might have had a positive withdrawal experience.

The myths revolving around our sexual needs are piling up every passing day. Varied other notions float in the air, including gossips like ‘Men discuss their sex game all the time’, which is in reality more prevalent amongst women. The dominant belief that the goal of choosing to be intimate with your partner has one mission – a sexual intercourse, has been denied by many couples, who revel in the ecstasy and arousal of foreplay along with warm canoodling. A well written book of sexual intercourse prefers an equitable storyline. It’s about time we tear out the ancient myths from their roots and embrace a world of genders with equal strong desires.