Planning a dream wedding is a stressful task for any bride. While taking care of the wedding preparations, she also has to make sure that she takes care of herself so that it remains immune from any stress and she looks flawless and radiant on her big day. An essential part of a bride’s beauty and skincare regime should be the use of a good toner and here are seven benefits that prove why.

1. Cleanses The Skin

It is usually used after a face wash but before a moisturiser. It cleanses the skin of any impurities like leftover makeup, dirt and even oil residue that the face wash may have missed.

2. Rebalances The Skin

Toners are usually water-based and very soothing for your skin as they help in rebalancing your skin pH after the repetitive use of harsh cleansers.

3. Hydrates The Skin

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Toners add moisture back to the skin that has been stripped away due to the constant use of makeup and other harsh products and make the skin softer and healthier looking.

4. Shrinks The Size Of Pores

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Toners return the natural balance of the skin and close the pores that had been opened due to cleansing. They shrink the size of pores making them smaller and your skin looking unblemished.

5. Preps Skin

Toners prepare the skin before the use of the heavy bridal makeup and protect it from the harsh chemicals that can be found in beauty products.

6. Reduce Acne Scars

The ingredients used in toners such as Aloe Vera helps in reducing acne scars on your skin and also prevent more acne from forming by keeping your skin clean and scraping away dead bacteria.

7. Anti-ageing Properties

Some toners have ingredients such as plant cells and Vitamin E that have anti-ageing properties that help keep the skin looking younger and reducing fine lines.

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