Keeping your act together can be tricky and if you are a 20 something individual (that too a girl), life won’t be a smooth-sailing ship. Life can be a wee bit confusing but what adds to this reasonable amount of chaos is when that neighbourhood aunty of yours gets hell-bent on seeing you walk down the aisle as you are “old enough” to do the same. These “well-wishers” don’t understand that life is about a lot more things than just marriage. Here are seven things every 20 something girl must have heard at some point in her life.

1. Can You Cook?

Yes, I cook well-enough to survive myself. Not a master chef as you would expect though. What has cooking to do with marriage anyway?

2. You Are Old Enough To Get Married

Marriage has nothing to do with age. I will marry when I find someone worth sharing my life with.

3. I Got Married When I Was Younger Than You

Sorry, but I am in no hurry to get hitched so young. I am more focused on my personal growth and career at the moment. Definitely got much better things to do in life at the moment.

4. And Had Two Kids When I Was Your Age

That was quick I must say. Is having kids related to how evolved you are? I don’t think so.

5. At Your Age, I Used To Take Care Of A Huge Joint Family

And I am busy taking care of a boss that is tougher to please than your in-laws.

6. I Might Have A Guy In Mind. Tall, Handsome And Earns Well Too

That’s great! I am elated for your daughter, she deserves the best.

7. Women Should Be Timid And Coy

I think it applies to you too dear “well-wisher”.

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