7 Tips To Give Your Fertility A Boost

Father with child

If you’re trying to start or grow your family, taking a few smart steps to improve your preconception health can give you the edge you need to conceive.

Eating well, hitting the gym and reducing stress are all smart ways to get your body in prime baby-making shape. Here are a few additional best strategies to boost fertility in women and make getting pregnant less work — and more play:

1. Mr And Mrs Sunshine

A happy coupleSunlight increases fertility in both males and females by increasing levels of Vitamin D. Studies reveal Vitamin D spikes progesterone and oestrogen, both are female sex hormones. These hormones regulate the menstrual cycle and making you fertile. For males, sunlight is good to increase sperm count.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

BedroomThe ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui claims to be able to help with just about anything, from increasing productivity and prosperity to helping a couple conceive. One pregnancy site advises couples to ‘look for blockages’ that could be preventing energy from flowing freely around the home, placing fertility symbols in the bedroom (such as, apparently, a picture of a pomegranate), minimising ‘interfering energy’ from laptops and mobile devices, and ensuring there’s a bowl of uncooked rice placed under your bed. Yes, seriously.

3. Keep Your Socks On

SocksIt may not sound sexy but warm feet improves circulation in your whole body, which means healthier sperm.

4. Go ‘Green’

KitchenPlastic in the kitchen can interfere with oestrogen and testosterone function in our bodies. Plastic food containers, cutlery, wrapping and even coffee cup lids can all leach hormone disruptive chemicals into our food.

5. Have Sex Every Three Days

Couple sleepingMost women don’t ovulate according to the textbooks, so by the time you think your woman is ovulating, it may already be too late. Having sex every three days removes the anxiety and pressure of trying to ‘pinpoint’ the ‘right’ time and ensures the production of fresh sperm.

6. Try Yoga

Woman doing yogaStress hormones can interfere with the hormones controlling sperm production. Find a healthy way to de-stress  ̶̶ like hatha yoga. Take a weekly class or even using a DVD at home a few times a week can help.

7. No Cuppa For You

CoffeeStudies reveal that women who indulge in coffee every day reduce their chances of being pregnant. According to doctors caffeine can reduce the activity of the fallopian tube muscles which carry the eggs from the ovaries.

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