7 Tips To Heat Up The First Night


Your wedding day is on the edge and the idea of your first night is giving you jitters? Don’t worry! It is oblivious to be jittery and anxious on your first night. But along with anxiety comes excitement as the night marks the beginning of your married life. Here are a few tips from us on how you can ease yourself and your partner and make it a memorable one!

1. Communication Is The Key

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Communicate with your partner. Ask whatever you wish to and do not hesitate to do so. Ask their likes and dislikes in bed and otherwise. Share with him whatever you have in mind as well, half communication is no communication.

2. Be Yourself

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The opposite person is your own partner, do not try to bring forth what you’re not. Don’t try to be bold if you’re not and similarly do not try to be shy if you’re not. Bring your best self forward but not the pretentious self forward.

3. The Power Of Smelling Good

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You must be sweating down under that cloth bathed in embroidery, do yourself and your partner a favour, head to the washroom, take a quick shower get and spray yourself with his favourite fragrance to do the magic! After all, what are fragrances for?

4. Your Lingerie Is Important

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Buy yourself some sexy lingerie for your wedding night. You’ve had enough of those mundane panties and bras. Change the lingerie you wore for the wedding and plunge into a fresh and alluring pair of lingerie to keep your sultry foot forward. You do not necessarily have to go for a two piece lingerie, as we mentioned before, wear what you’re comfortable in and what best compliments you. You can go for three-piece lingerie or a full-length nightdress as well.

5. Do Not Hurry Things Up

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Hurrying up things will always create a ruckus. For sometime keep your horny self aside and build the moment steadily. Talk to him, cuddle with him, spend some time having plain fun, and the rest of the night is all yours!

6. It’s Not Always Sex

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Yes, the wedding night is synonymous with sex but it is not shameful if it doesn’t happen on the first night. It is okay if your partner is too tired or is not ready yet. Fall asleep while saying good things to each other and you’ll realise it was one of the most magical nights you’ve had.

7. Be Confident

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No matter if it’s your first time or not, be confident. Be open to it and do not shy away. Being shy can turn your man off.

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