7 Types of Beverages to Have at Your Wedding


Weddings are all about the celebration of love with good food and good people. Beverages are an important part of weddings. Providing your guests with refreshing drinks can help in making your wedding an unforgettable affair.

Drinks can act as an energy booster on the exciting yet tiring day as weddings, especially Indian weddings can be quite long. Furthermore, beverages can also act as a buffer between different food courses.

Here are seven different types of beverages which you have at your wedding

  1. Lassi

It is the quintessential Indian drink that everyone loves and enjoys. Made with churned curd, lassi or sweetened buttermilk is the classic refreshing drink that can uplift the mood of any party. It is a great welcome drink and can instantly give an energy boost to your guests. Lassi is a great beverage especially if you are having a summer wedding.

Lassi or Sweetened Buttermilk
  1. Lemonade

It is another classic that can never go wrong. Lemonade is a drink that is enjoyed by all from kids to adults. It is also one of the drinks which are great for summer weddings. Lemonade is also good for digestion and is a good hangover cure. The cherry on the top-it is extremely easy to make!

Refreshing Lemonade
  1. Tea/ Masala Chai

Tea or Chai is a classic Indian beverage that all age groups enjoy, especially the old generation. Having masala chai at your wedding especially if it is in winter makes the affair a cozy one. Tea also can refresh your tired guests in the blink of an eye.

Masala Chai is a must
  1. Shakes

Fruit shakes are a classic and healthy drink option to have at your wedding. You can have shakes made up of seasonal fruits like mango, watermelon, etc. Shakes are also good for people who don’t necessarily enjoy cocktails or mocktails.

Shakes are enjoyed by all
  1. Coconut Water

Natural, vegan, and healthy, coconut water is all these things and more. It is very refreshing and does not cause much waste. Moreover, there is no need to prepare it as well. Coconut water is one of the best drinks to have at your weddings as it is cost-effective and tastes good. If you are having a beach wedding then coconut water is a must.

Coconut Water is best for beach weddings
  1. Mocktails

Non-alcoholic drinks are always a great option to have at weddings as many people abstain from alcohol. Furthermore, mocktails are something that even kids or teenagers can enjoy. Mocktails like Virgin Mojito and Virgin Piña Coladas are some of the most common mocktails which everyone enjoys.

Mocktails are refreshing and taste great
  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is something which is available at almost every wedding. It helps people loosen up and in letting their guard down. Also, popping champagne at weddings is considered a sign of celebration and happiness. Alcoholic drinks like whiskey and wine also symbolize luxury at a wedding. Many couples also have an option of cocktails at their marriage celebration with a live bartender mixing drinks.

Champagnes are classic wedding drinks

Drinks at a wedding are not only there for your guests to quench their thirst or get refreshed, but they are also there for them o mingle and socialize. Beverages make a huge impact on a wedding. They are a sign of thoughtfulness and luxury. Also, having a variety of beverages can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

In fact, beverages carry so much importance that many couples get their signature cocktail/ mocktail made specifically to be served at their weddings.