Guests are being taken care as a chief component of the marriage as they are the one who share and confer an enthusiasm to your celebration. But as the age varies, toys and taste get varied as well. Considering the same, the guests may range from the ones who enjoy a sip of juice to the ones who love to get spilled in the essence of ripened fruit drinks. On this note, there’s a very special category involved in all marital ceremonies, who are named as bride’s or groom’s gang. As they’re special, some arrangements ought to be customised for them. So, if you are on the verge of chalking out your marriage, don’t let these miss out from your wedding ceremonies so as to keep your boy gang entertained.

1. Casino Table

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Get a casino table installed at your wedding ceremony if you desire to keep your boy gang entertained so that they can enjoy some games such as casino or poker or some other card games and much more.

2. Live Band

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This can be proved to be enticing for all as the live band or solo musician can keep them entertained because of its soothing sound and melodious music.

3. Private Dance

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This is something that cannot be shared with kids, though the way this dance performance shall rejoice your boy gang, it will compel them to thank you for this.

4. Cocktail Cars


This is not something alien or foreign to most of us. Get a stall of cocktail car installed at your marital ceremony so that it can serve and fulfill the pleasure of drinking and make your boy gang blissful with their palatable taste and odours.   

5. Bachelor Party

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If you are about to getting hitched soon, anyhow don’t let this omit as a dandy bachelor party followed by your holy wedding vows, shall deepen the colours of your celebration. For sure, a bachelor party is incomparable to any other wedding treats to your boy gang.

6. Dance Competition

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This can be a complete package of enjoyment embodied in excitement. A dance competition between the groups from opposite sides, for say, boy gang from your side and girls gang from your fiance or fiancee side. Reverse your memory to film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani’.   

7. Playful Activities


This is miscellaneous and you can plan it out contemplating the choices, wishes and taste of your boy gang. The activities can be thrilling such as shooting, pool or truth and dare.

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