7X Weddings: For A Surreal Wedding Experience


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and sure would want to make it an unforgettable and extravagant affair. 7X Weddings is here to ease off your wedding planning worries and anxieties. From exquisite decor to the execution, 7X Weddings shall curate a perfect wedding for you so you can sit back and enjoy your day. Be it, caterers, vendors or wedding invitations, 7X Weddings is going to take care of each and every wedding need of yours. With 7X Weddings, all your wedding-related needs and wants shall be executed to the tee. 

To make your wedding a memorable event, 7X Wedding planners offer a host of bridal entries, one for every bride. From quirky entries on a vehicle to elegant ones under a ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ and pensive one’s on an embellished throne, they promise to make you the showstopper of your big day! The team of 7X Weddings put their heart and soul into the planning of each and every single wedding because they understand what the day means to you. 

Ample thought is put into curating the ideal menu for your big day. Choosing the right favours for your wedding guests can be quite nerve-racking, 7X has the perfect gift ideas for you to thank your loved ones for gracing the ceremony with their presence. The guests are taken utmost care of. Including their tickets, transit and accommodation, everything is wholeheartedly taken charge of.  A few miscellaneous services such as the trousseau planning, choreographer and makeup artists are also on their plate. Sip your tea, while they wash away all your worries and make the most important day of your life a special one.