8 Bridal Lehenga Alternatives for Modern Bride

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Want to ditch the traditional lehengas for your wedding? Here are 10 unconventional bridal lehenga alternatives to try out!

The traditional bridal lehenga is a symbol of opulence and grace for Indian brides. It has been loved forever, but modern brides often look beyond the norms and traditions to prioritise personal preference and comfort. While the non-negotiable respect towards authenticity and roots might influence your bridal wear, the lehenga is not the only choice anymore for brides in India. Maintaining grace and style, you can add comfort by picking something of unconventional style.

While many regions in India already have traditional bridalwear other than lehengas, such as sarees and salwar suits, lehenga still remains the unanimous favourite and the most conventional pick for Indian brides. If you are looking for an equally gorgeous option to ditch the heavy flared skirt, here is a list of 8 stunning alternatives for bridal lehengas.

Fringed up Saree

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Trends may come and go, but a timeless wedding saree will always remain a bridalwear classic. This beloved versatile drape of yards is a representation of our rich cultural heritage. It has always been popular, and a modern bride is no different. If you want to be experimental and try something out of the box, we suggest replacing traditional wedding sarees with custom designer sarees. Softer fabrics and pre-draped sarees with embellishments will give you the comfort you are looking for while maintaining the elegance of an Indian bride.

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Sharara Gharara

sharara garara

Sharara strikes a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary with flared pants and intricate designs. Offering undeniable ease of movement, sharara and gharara make ideal choices for brides who want to dance on their special day without compromising their bridal style. You can choose any sharara outfit as a bridal lehenga alternative, from minimal to heavily embellished, from simply flared to layers and layers of flayers! Pair it with a crop top for the haldi or mehendi, or a flared kurta and dupatta for the wedding.

Offbeat Dress

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Don’t let traditional beliefs dictate your outfit on your big day. A gown and dress can be a very conventional answer to your search for bridal lehenga alternatives. Traditionally worn in Christian weddings, wedding gowns are not a new concept. Choose from various silhouettes according to your body type. You can still stay true to your roots while wearing a wedding gown for the main function. Opt for a traditional colour like red or gold, traditional fabrics, motifs, etc. Pair with a saree-style dupatta and finish your perfect bridal look.

Floor Length Anarkali

bridal anarkali

Anarkali is another convenient alternative for bridal lehengas for Indian brides. If you are seeking comfort without compromising style, a floor-length anarkali might be perfect for you. The flowing silhouette and the added flare create an epitome of grace like no other. Its Mughal-inspired regal aesthetic makes Anarkali the star of the show. A multilayered anarkali set can be paired with an extra dupatta and heavy jewellery to create a splendid bridal look.

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Kurta with Cigarette Pants

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Cigarette pants may be a staple in your formalwear wardrobe. But you can include a pair of fine cigarette pants in your wedding attire if you do it in style. And an embroidered kurta can be the perfect match for these pants. Take a note from this Muslim bride, looking absolutely stunning in a white kurta with cigarette pants. Her subtle look was completed in the outfit with a long veil and statement pearls.

Power Pant Suit

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Still think that formal pantsuits are only meant for business boardrooms? Done in the right way, a formal pantsuit can become an elegant bridal wear. Like this bride who didn’t go an extra mile for her wedding outfit and chose a pastel pant suit for her wedding. She finished her outfit with delicate jewellery and a matching veil.

Flared Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuit may seem like a western apparel, but it has been worn for desi wedding ceremonies. Millennial brides who don’t care about the traditional wear always when it comes to pre wedding functions. For your haldi or mehendi ceremony, you can choose a pair of jumpsuit with vibrant colours and flared silhouette to stand out. It’s a savvy desi bridal lehenga alternative to look out for.

Dhoti Suit

dhoti set

This choice is a little out-of-the-box and not for everyone. Meant for a high-spirited bride, a dhoti suit outfit can fit various bridal occasions. Pick a bright vibrant colour for pre wedding functions, or go with gold or dark colours for night ceremonies. The silhouette of dhoti is a great way to tribute cultural heritage, while it also creates an aura of powerful femininity making it one of the best bridal lehenga alternatives.

If you are the bride who wants to ditch the traditional silhouettes and embrace your unique style, this is your sign. Try these choices of bridal lehenga alternatives and serve looks on your special day!