8 things the Bridesmaids can do for the Bride


8 things the Bridesmaids can do for the Bride

Yes we know that Indian weddings haven’t much recognized the concept of Bridesmaids. But talking about the generation of today, we’re quite exposed to the entire concept of it and it’s our dream to make it happen.

Just a gist—Bridesmaids are a bunch of bride’s close friends or sisters who are usually unwedded, and if in case any of them is married, she’ll be known as Matron of Honor(s). When talking Bridesmaids, it’s not at all a cakewalk, you will literally have to be on your feet to manage and look after the arrangements of your best friend’s wedding to an extent.

Typically, bridesmaids are expected to take over every wedding arrangement from invite distribution, to selecting every function’s outfit, to arranging mehendi artists, DJs, decorators, to planning the bride’s Bridal shower and Hens party. However, in Indian marriages most of the arrangements are done under the supervision of the family members; you can lend a helping hand in taking over these less duty arrangements to contribute your part at your bestie’s wedding.

Trust us, it is not going to be easy, you’ll be all the more stressed than the bride itself. But it is all going to be worth it in the end.

Here are a few things that you should do as a Bridesmaid to make your Bride feel super special:

Dedicate a Dance Performance

Dance the talk! Dance out all the love you have for her by preparing an elegant dance performance for her sangeet function. It will completely awww her.

Prepare a speech

Pen down your feelings on a piece of paper and pass-on the word in front of the entire gathering to make her feel utterly special and oh so lucky to have you.

Collate all your picture memories in a video

This move is going to be a flood of memories, filling her heart with nostalgia and maybe eyes with tears.

Don’t let her shop lingerie with her mom

This is going to be a little embarrassing for her to pick a sexy pair of lingerie in the presence of her mom. She might just end up buying standardized undergarments to wear on a daily basis. Come at her rescue and take this responsibility on yourself. Help her find the sexiest lingerie in store.

Throw a surprise bridal shower or hen’s party or both

This is going to be your last chance to spoil her, pamper her with all that you can. Flood her with gifts she would love by throwing a Bridal shower for her. Subsequently, prepare her favorite themed Hen’s party; keep her drinks chilled and a kinky cake baked.

Take over the Mehendi function arrangements

This being a low maintenance function will be absolutely manageable for you. Pick the best mehendi artist in the town, because making the bride look beautiful head-to-toe is going to be your job.

Keep her first-aid box handy

No, not the medical first aid box—the feminine first aid box. We’ll sort it out! Prepare a bag and include the bride’s essentials in it. Keep that bag handy with you at all times. Things to include:

• Heavy-duty safety pins – To make sure all of her garment elements are in place
• Tissues- For anytime she could burst into tears
• Cotton- Make up fixer
• Earring Backs- A quick fix to save the earring after all
• A miniature perfume- She should keep smelling good
• Sanitary napkins or tampons- For the uninvited guest
• Tweezers- Hair be popping at all times
• Mints- The groom can kiss her anytime
• Nail Filer- Because nails are unreliable
• Eyelash Glue- The drama in her eyes should remain
• Makeup- Don’t let anything ruin her pictures
• Foldable flats- Heels shouldn’t stop her from dancing
• Bobby Pins- Fix unwanted fly-aways

Make sure she has eaten and she is hydrated at all times

The mistakes most brides make amidst all stress and nervousness is ignoring their meals and water intake. You need to take utmost care of the fact that she has eaten well and have had enough water, because you don’t want her to lose that bridal glow or fall sick on her D-day. Be an ultimate caretaker.

Note to the Bride: After the entire wedding spree has come to an end, show your heartfelt gramercy to your bridesmaids by gifting each one of them something they would absolutely love. A relaxing spa session or a short, fully sponsored trip; while you’re honeymooning, will be a perfect way to tell them they’re all worth it.

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