8 Types of Footwear Every Girl Should Have in her Wardrobe


“Gives a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

-Marilyn Monroe

Shoes are not only a wardrobe essential, but they are one of the statement pieces which can accentuate any outfit’s look. They are one of the most important closet items which a woman can wear. They can easily dress up and dress down any attire.

Every woman dreams of having a closet full of beautiful shoes. She can never have too much footwear because every occasion demands a different type of shoe. Be it for a party, an interview, a run along the block, or even something as simple as going out with friends, your shoes are something you cannot leave the house without.

In fact, your shoes are such an important part of your personality that it is scientifically proven that shoes are one of the first things a person notices about you.

But, as much as you wish, it is not possible to own all kinds of footwear in the world. So, given below are 8 types of footwear that every woman should own for every occasion.

  1. Sneakers

Comfortable, playful, and casual sneakers are essential for every girl. You can pair these with dresses, jeans, shorts or anything else. They can easily uplift a boring outfit. These are extremely versatile and long-lasting. These can uplift any outfit and add a playful edge to your otherwise serious ensemble. You will be comfortable and look stylish at the same time.

Sneakers are comfortable and playful
  1. Boots

Boots can add a dangerous edge to any outfit. These are sexy and comfortable. Boots alone can act as a statement piece in your wardrobe. The higher they go, the more fashionable your outfit becomes. They are an important accessory in your wardrobe, especially during the winters. Boots will always be in vogue and will always make uplift your style.

You have many options in boots, from thigh-high to ankle length and from combat-style boots to high-heeled ones.

Boots give your outfit an edge
  1. Pumps

Pumps are classy and modest. They give you a polished look and are best for office wear. These make you look tall, powerful, and professional. Pumps give you a boost of confidence on days you feel low or self-conscious. You will feel ready to change the world, all while looking prim and proper after wearing pumps with your outfit.

You can buy pumps in a black or nude shade to make them versatile and wear them with different kinds of outfits.

Pumps will make you feel like a girlboss!
  1. Ballet Flats

Feminine and chic, ballet flats are perfect for a summer day or for wearing in the office when heels make your feet hurt. These are very versatile and can be worn with any type of outfit. Ballet flats are comfortable and very easy to wear. They are also good for young girls and kids. Ballet flats come in a variety of colors and styles.

Ballet flats are feminine and go with every outfit
  1. Sandals/ Wedges

These are comfortable yet give you a height. Sandals can be best paired with dresses and skirts. These are perfect for a day out or a date. Sandals are very comfortable and look very pretty. They are for days when you don’t want to wear something elaborate or uncomfortable.

Sandals are more comfortable than pumps
  1. Sports or Gym Shoes

These are one of the basic fitness or gym accessory you need. A good pair of gym or sports shoes will last for a long time. Moreover, you will be able to work out more comfortably and accurately with a nice pair of these shoes. You can use these while going on hikes or during travel as well.

Wear nice gym shoes and get fit
  1. A pair of statement shoes

Statement shoes are generally a pair that is entirely different from the rest of your wardrobe. These generally have a unique color or style. This type of footwear can make any boring outfit interesting and can sometimes even act as a conversation starter. Statement shoes are extremely trendy and help you in standing out in a crowd.

Statement shoes help you stand out
  1. Flip-flops

Best for wearing indoors or at the beach flip-flops are very casual and easy to wear. These are generally waterproof and washable. These are perfect to wear at the beach or going to the pool. Usually, flip-flops are also very cheap and durable.

Wear flip-flops while going to the beach

These 8 pairs of shoes will help you in being prepared for any type of occasion or outfit. These are all unique in their own way and after buying them, you will seldom need another pair of shoes. Your footwear will surely become the talk of the town and you will be the new fashionista on the rise!