A 101-guide to combating stress this year


This year has been exceptional in creating conversations and awareness around mental health. Here are some tried-and-tested ways to manage stress, and the suggestions were incredible and very helpful. Read on to know some ways to manage stress in an effective and maybe even slightly uncommon way!

Surround Yourself With Good Food

Let’s be honest, food solves everything. A popular way to relieve your stress is to cook or order in a delicious meal. Eating good food leads to the release of dopamine, which is the happiness hormone and instantly elevates your mood. Whether it’s a fancy gourmet burger or a buttery plate of pav bhaji, your stress levels will decrease.


Watch Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a cult classic and an integral part of our childhood as well as adulthood. It’s absolutely hilarious! Nothing shoos away stress better than a good laugh, which is why watching Tom And Jerry or any other comedy show will immediately make you feel better.

Unleash Your Inner Marie Kondo

A messy desk, room and mind add to your stress. Plus, it’s really ugly to look at. Decluttering your surroundings is a great way to alleviate your stress. It’s soothing, distracting and cleans up your mess (pun intended). It helps you focus on tidying up, which reduces stress levels. Unless you stumble upon old unpaid bills, then your stress isn’t going anywhere.

Speed Dial Your Bestie

Talking it out and venting to someone is extremely helpful. So if you are stressed and unable to cope with it, just call your best friend, sister, father or whoever you feel close to. Someone who will listen. Due to COVID-19, they may not offer you their physical shoulder to cry on, but they may give you an ear to vent to.

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Meditate, Relax And Meditate Some More

Drink calming tea, light some vanilla-scented candles, do some yoga or even put on a soothing face mask and sip on wine. Calm yourself down by completely relaxing and focusing on your peacefulness. It really does help manage stress. Plus, you will feel super bougie!

Take A Walk

Walks are proven to help clear your head. Breathing fresh air (with a mask on, obviously) can be great for managing stress and making you feel better. Go for a stroll around your house, and you are sure to feel great.

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