A 101 Guide To Contour For Different Face Shapes


It’s finally a brand new year ahead of us and it’s time to look forward to new and charming makeup trends. But certainly, there are some OGs of the makeup trends that we can’t even imagine to do away with and one of them being, contouring. In the recent few years, contouring has become that one indispensable part of our makeup routine that has almost revolutionized the makeup industry. It is a sure-fire method to give you those dream cheekbones in just a matter of few strokes without spending a hefty amount of bucks by going under the knife. 

Obviously, not everybody is with blessed the perfect cheekbones like Naomi Campbell or a chiselled jawline like Keira Knightley, but hallelujah for contour, manipulating your face into looking like a work of art is definitely possible. But the magic can go horribly wrong too if one doesn’t pay attention to the intricacies of the artistic pursuits. Knowing your face shape and following the contouring patterns accordingly is highly recommended in order to achieve the Goddess look. And henceforth, Wedding Affair has created a list of contouring techniques for different face types which will help you master your skill as well as understand your contouring needs better.

1. Oval Face


Shape: High Cheekbones with a forehead slightly wider than the chin.

Contour Markings: For an oval face the fundamental 3 contouring outline works the best, wherein you make the shape of 3 on the sides of your face, starting from the temples to the below the cheekbones to the outside of the upper jaw.

2. Square Face


Shape : Jawline, cheekbones and forehead are of the same width.

Contour Markings : The main goal here is to make the face more oval through contouring and therefore the areas of focus should be the outer corners of your forehead and jaw. Contour below your cheekbones very subtly and try not to go overboard there.

3. Round Face


Shape: Face length and width are approximately the same.

Contour Markings: Here too you need to follow the 3 contouring outline, majorly covering the outer edges of your forehead, cheekbones and jawline, just leaving out your chin.

4. Heart Face


Shape: Wide forehead with a sharp chin.

Contour Markings: In order to give your face a more oval shape, contour the outer corners of your forehead, along your temples and underneath your cheekbones, leaving out your jawline as it is already slim. Instead, contour the bottom of your chin to make it look shorter and less pointed.

5. Long Face


Shape: Forehead, cheekbones and chin are roughly of similar width.

Contour Markings: Balance out the length of your face, contour the top of your forehead, below your chin and jawline to make it appear shorter. For your cheekbones, keep the contour more horizontal and curve it under your cheekbones. 

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