A 101 Guide To Post Holi Skincare


Holi being one of the fun-filled festivals has its own perks. But, when the festivities end it has its own disadvantage that we face later on. From the reaction faced by some colours used to the stain that they leave on the face and to the whole body the story not ends here, we have to deal with the rough and patchy skin and dry hair, it appears to be a disaster to manage yourself post the Holi celebration. It’s an obvious thing that if you’ll play Holi you’ll have some of these problems, but if we’re here there’s no need to worry. We have some marvellous tips for you to follow and get that glow again on your skin.

1) For Your Face: Face is a pivotal part of the whole body and watching it all get spoil due to recurring attacks of colours be it dry or wet leaves its impact. Apply the paste of sandalwood, turmeric, and rose water on your skin or apply the mixture of curd and sandalwood powder with a pinch of turmeric in it.

2)     For Hair: It’s better to oil your hair before indulging into Holi celebrations, but if you haven’t done that then apply olive oil first to your roots and massage it gently then apply it to all on your hair or use mustard oil with the same procedure.

3) For Those Lovely Hands: Dirty hands will eventually make you ill, so it’s better to remove colours from hands properly. For removing colours from your nails dab cotton in lemon extract and later on apply oil to moisturise them.

4) For Your Dainty Feet: Dust off colours before washing it, so that you’ll have less work to do. After that, apply olive oil to the affected feet area.

5) Others: For eyes, use rose water drops and for lips apply olive oil or petroleum jelly to steadily remove colours.

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