A Breath of Fresh Air.. Farah Karimaee

Farah Karimaee, the doe eyed beauty who recently took men’s breath away with her refreshing performance in ‘Tera Suroor’ talks to W.A about life, stepping into ‘Bollywood’ and her hopes and aspirations.
The Journey
The road for me was full of many twists and turns, high and lows. But at the end of the day all the challenges I have faced, I stuck with what I wanted to do and refused to quit and now that has led me to the right place. One thing for sure is that I can follow my dream, working in an environment where I can let my creative side loose.. I didn’t always aspire to be an actor, however I always had a passion for the arts, particularly dance. When i first joined the movie industry I knew that this was the direction I wanted to take!
How Tera Suroor came about..
I met Himesh in Amsterdam at one of his concerts as I was a huge fan of his music. When he found out I was working in India he got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to play the character of Tara in his movie Tera surroor. We met to did a look test and it all came together.
My profession allows me to play a role that is not who I am, the challenge of bringing life to a desired character in the best way possible and seeing that character come to life on the big screen excites me. I find that there is constant opportunity to learn and grow which motivates me.
Amazing memories from the shoot of my debut film… 
I will never forget in Dublin, it was ice cold and the outfits I was wearing was far from keeping any cold out which was at times almost impossible to handle! Immediately after the shoot we would run to the lobby of the hotel and have chai together, laugh and bond. It was like a little family,so warm and happy!
A role I wish to play someday..
I would love to play a character that pushes the envelop of my acting skills. A character that is true to life, that people can relate to.
My idea of Feminism
Men and women are so different and we as women must express out individuality and celebrate that. However I do believe even though  men and women are different, we do stand on equal footing, where one does not dominate over another. My mother is the strongest woman I know.
A message to the readers
At the end of the day go with what feels good for you. It’s your life and nobody else’s. Don’t listen to May Sayers follow your dream. Doesn’t mean the road is easy but it will be worth it in the end.