Couple Travel Photography ideas


It is a modern-day person’s psyche that travelling seems to be incomplete without having accomplished a huge bunch of perfect photographs. We all desire to capture the best memories with our loved ones and at the same time, wish to include good natural lightening and beautiful scenery in the background. For a couple who loves to travel, it is essential to know some photography tricks to gain everlasting memories.

Touch the Horizon line


It is said that clicking a perfect picture isn’t as easy as it looks. To get a flawless photograph of you two, choose a highway location or a field depicting an unending landscape. Imagine the two of you enjoying your solace away from the hustle-bustle of the city in the countryside.


This photograph will give a peaceful vibe, describing the stability of your relationship. 

A kiss to remember!

Source: The Blonde Abroad

Can any photograph be better than the one in which the lovebirds are spotted locking their lips? Maybe not! Love is an expression of affection; it is not only a bond of intimacy but of faith as well. Make your vacation more memorable by sealing a photograph with your kiss! 

A Valley and You Two

Source: Pinterest

Having a tripod stand is a must for mind-blowing pictures when you are off on a vacation with your partner. With the help of a tripod stand, you can have a picture that captures the two of you and the vast view in your sight. The beauty of nature, the steep valley, the waterfall and your love will be expressed skillfully through your camera’s coverage. Hold your hands and hug as tightly as possible to show the strength of your love! 

Feet First! 

Source: Pinterest

A simple picture of the couple’s feet is on the top trending list of this year! This is the must-click picture pose for couples. Also, you could experiment with holding hands and clicking numerous pictures that way too!

A Tip: You must know how to edit your pictures. If not, grab on the required tools and start learning it yourself today! Trust me, it will help you a lot in the long run.