A guide to make your wedding invites quirky

Wedding Invites

If you are planning to pull off a zany wedding this wedding season, going quirky with your wedding invites can be the beginning and the one and only choice you have. Opt out of traditional invites and go for the unconventional way. Wedding Affair brings to you 7 ways to make your wedding invites seem outlandish.

Awaken The Storyteller In You

Stories always amuse. Create a timeline of your love story on your wedding invite. Get your guests on board with you in this memorable journey.

Book Your Invites

Sending an invite in an envelope is quite run-of-the-mill idea. Go for a booklet invite instead. If you are a bibliophile then this can be the best idea for you to create a wacky wedding invite.

Wedding Invites
Annie Gray

Lights, Camera, Actionnn

Add some fun to the card and send in a picture-invite. Let the pictures talk about the day’s details. It could include the pictures of the venue, the rings and the two of you.

Some Travel Won’t Harm

If you are planning on a destination wedding then sending a wedding invite in a passport cover or as an air plane tickets can be super-creative and fun.

Some Balloons

Be creative and ask your guests to blow the wedding balloons. Balloons with wedding details printed on it can be humorous and bring out the child in them.

Wedding Invites
Morgan Mcdonald

Trendy Tea Towel 

If you want an eco-friendly wedding invitation and wish to save the paper hassle. Go for the trending tea-towel invites. This way you can put it into use later. 

Add A Dash Of Humour To The Wedding

Your wedding invitation can be witty if it directly speaks of you and your beloved tying the knot in a quirky manner. This is not only creative but will also have your guests in splits. Try this on. 

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