A Home-Made, Romantic Candle-Light Dinner Feast


Are you missing those romantic dates while devouring some sumptuous dishes in the aura of great restaurants around the town? Well, while staying at home, no one is really stopping you from enjoying a meal enveloped in a romantic setting. Blooming romance in the simplest way, a candle-lit dinner will definitely elevate your spirits for a while, in the time of a national lockdown. So why not cook an elaborate dinner with your partner, decorate your home with scented candles and enjoy those little moments of intimacy and positivity with your partner? Here, Wedding Affair mentions some of the cutest ways through which you can enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner with your partner.

Flower Petals And Candles

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It is as romantic as it gets. Isn’t it? The fragrance of the petals mixed with scents of the candles is sure to create an enchanting atmosphere of love and romance. Dim the lights and let the beautiful candles lend a soft glow to your faces as you enjoy your meal lost in the eyes of your partner.

Pasta And Wine

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Enjoy your time as you cook your favourite alfredo sauce, marinara sauce or pesto pasta. Olive oil, butter, garlic, cheese and other fragrances will set the mood for the entire meal to follow. Top your meal with wine and sweet nothings with your partner.

Cardinal Desserts

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People are right when they say that dessert is the most important part of the meal. And why not? Desserts not only add depths of flavour to your entire meal experience but also is mostly made of aphrodisiacs that lends a romantic fervour to the mood.

Mood Music


Play your favourite tunes in the background for that ultimate calming experience. When good music combines with great aura, the outcome is very romantic. So play that song which is associated with good memories and your happy days to keep you cheered up.

Dress Game On


Dress up for it. Click good photos for the social media and be ready to bewitch your partner with those killer looks! The most romantic dinner awaits.

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