A lavish stay: Luxurious home decor ideas 

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Everyone tends to have a different taste in designing their home, it may be subtle or it may be something lavish. If you belong to the luxurious gang, well then we have a few luxury home decor ideas that you should fit into your interiors.

Marble flooring


When you think about decor you must start from the ground and make your way to the next step. In terms of home decor, the first thing you should focus on is your flooring. If you’re someone who wants to achieve that luxurious look then marble flooring is a must for you. There are many designs when it comes to marble flooring and certain designs can change the face of your house by giving it a royal look.

Lavish showpieces

In this look, the key aspect is to make sure that you go flashy and that can happen with the help of some glorious showpieces. Go for something that is classic and timeless which matches the theme of your house. Gold is the color for you in this look and you can search for showpieces accordingly. But make sure that you are not overdoing it as that might just make your interiors look gaudy instead of classic.

Beautiful frames

We know that DIY photo frames sound cool and fun, but they are not a fit with this decor as we will suggest some huge frames that will cover a wall which will give it a royal look. It is totally up to you to see how many frames you want to put up. Make sure that both the art and the frame match the theme you’re going for.

Carpets or rugs


We don’t exactly know what but something about a rug or a carpet just looks like it has accomplished our royal goal. The biggest room in your house and the of course the living room must have a gorgeous rug or carpet to fully complete this look. When people see lavish carpets they know that it is something special and they tend to get inspired by your decor.

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