A Little Different: Fantasy Wedding Themes


                 A Little Different: Fantasy Wedding Themes


It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but they are prêt-à-porter here- on this terrain. To look different and to be different is the new Mantra. So why miss a chance to throw a party that will be remembered for a long, long time. Wedding planners are plowing out wildest and out of the blue themes and ideas. From the bizarre to the exotic, they are all set to bring your fantasy party alive. Here we dish out some atypical themes to make your wedding celebrations really ‘extraordinary’.

Ajanta Brought AliveCrystal-Mandap-75-800x509

Different from regular is the Ajanta theme, which is a unique combination of architecture, sculpture and paintings. Bringing the essence of the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves with paintings and sculptures into a play is a must for this kind of setting. Zero Hour has done this theme with much of elegance by using real–like figurines of Ajanta in minimal of lighting which creates the right aura. As for the food, you can serve Indian traditional cuisines – especially Maharashtrian and South Indian– to tempt your guests.

Do As Romans Do137

The magnificent backdrop of a Roman theme is sure to leave the guests spell bound. A lot of marble statues, pillars and arches are used in this theme. The stage decorated by Ferns N Petals, has exotic flowers like oriental lilies and anthuriums. Designed by Zero Hour, Roman style pillars, red roses in large white urns, intricately carved domes and figures of white horses at the entrance speak of all things Roman.

Latino Theme–Jazz It Up!paper-lantern-decorations-500x244

What can be more exciting than to shake your leg to the tunes of Latino singers? Funny masks, girls dressed in frilling skirts and boys in cowboy boots, electrifying colour fusions along with jazzing disco lights are more than enough to define the Latino setup. The Latino decor shaped by Ferns N Petals by using perfect blend of the colours pink and purple giving it a modern and chic look. To tantalize the taste buds of the guests spread the range of spicy quesadillas to crispy nachos.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream141210002236Night Outdoor-736x768 (2)

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” theme inspired from Shakespeare’s famous play, is a theme which celebrates love. As wedding theme, it should reflect the accents of creams, muted greens and blues, pastels, silver and gold to create a delicate and airy ambience. As in Shakespearean play’s romanticism is on high, so on the same lines the entire feel should be very romantic and dreamy. Wedding Art has specialized in this theme. Their décor embraces figurines of cupids holding trellises of flowers at the entrance and arches made of white roses have been used. The lighting of pink, blue and violet are brought into play to give vibrant look to the venue. Scented dripless candles are used in dinning area to form T lights and candles pillars along with floral chandeliers. Statues of mystical figures like Unicorns and the Phoenix are erected in the bar and the food counters are dazzling with an Ivy base and lion head fountains. Wholly the essence of this theme is lyrical and mystical.

Salaam MoroccoMoroccan-wedding-reception-ideas

A desert or oasis setting tented canopies, palm trees, Arab costumes for the waiters, camels and goats, belly dancers and Arabian music are more then sufficient to depict and create a perfect Moroccan atmosphere. The use of gazeboes with cushions in the sitting area, by Regal Weddings, gives a royal look. Moroccan lamps, crystal curtains, lots of candles  and glass pillars are used to enhance the beauty of the ambience.

From The Land Of The Pharaohsegypt-16

When you think of Egypt, the first thought that  comes to mind is the pyramids. Back then, the pyramids took years to build, but be rest assured that thermocol pyramids will not take that long time. A large Sphinx and golden Egyptian statues gives an original feel to the decor. By using the combination of statuettes of pharaohs and ancient Egyptian paintings, Zero Hour has created the right impression. As belly dancers entertain, the bride makes her entry in an Egyptian palanquin.

A Daawat– Mughal Styleitc-hotel1

Go back to the historically fabled world of the great Mughal’s.  Hostesses clad in silken flowing ‘shararas’ and ‘chunnis’ welcome guest with flowers and attar in traditional style. ‘Chobedars’ (gate–keeper) usher guests to ‘Daawat Khana’. The sumptuous spread of Mughal delicacies are served in manner befitting royalty. The Mughal theme makes a perfect display with beautiful ‘nakashi’ on the walls. The magnificent carpets and red silk cushions add the right blend to uplift the atmosphere.

Fun & Frolic With A Goan Thememonsoon-wedding4-1024x576

The setup represents Goa’s rich traditions and culture and fascinating lifestyles of the lovely place with music, song and dance. At the entrance the musicians with violins and gumots will welcome you with serenading music. The stage will depict a Goan scene by the seaside with waves, palm trees, canoes and fish along with light effects.

Thatched roofs with bamboo and weaved palm leaves – Goan hand made domestic articles like mud pots, coir mats, bamboo baskets, fishnets, fishing rod, oars and gasoline lanterns. The Beach Wedding is perfectly crafted with the tent right next to a beach with palm trees hanging and chairs draped in white cover.

The Oriental Touchshanghai_retro-4-of-34_800

Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Endless Smiles’ because its service and welcoming hospitality has become legendary throughout Asia. So why not get this land of smiles right there on your wedding venue? The theme boasts of the figurines of glittering temples, huge Buddhist statues and saffron robed monks. Zero Hour has used vibrating green and red colours on Thai temple structure decorated with fresh flowers accompanied with golden statues of Buddha. At the entrance there are arches of pink shade with red carpet surrounded by lush green plants to welcome the guests. The colours are bright reds, oranges and greens. A sprinkling of cut-outs of dragons and oriental arches gives a more authentic touch. And mouthwatering Thai food is the added bonus.

Just select a theme which fits in your taste and style, and sometimes its okay to be off the beaten track. Get maximum attention with themes that are different, as well as fun. And remember, there is no dearth of talent when it comes to innovation in India.