A Match Not Quite Made in Bollywood


Bobby Deol And Tanya’s Immortal Love Tale (of Midnight Calls and Everlasting Bonds)

Bobby Deol, with his charming smile and undeniable charisma has captivated audiences for decades. Yet, it was in the real-life romance with his wife, Tanya, that Bobby found a love story worthy of a Bollywood film. Their enduring love story defies the stereotypical Bollywood narrative without any industry connections they still have been together. With more than two decades of togetherness, Bobby and Tanya’s love continues to shine brightly. Theirs is a more relatable tale of two people finding love and building a life together.

The Origins

Vijay Singh Deol better known as Bobby Deol was born on 27 January 1969 to actors Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He is the younger brother of Bollywood actor Sunny Deol and step son of actress Hema Malini. His wife Tanya Deol is the second child of late multi-millionaire businessman Devendra Ahuja and late Marlene Ahuja. She comes from an interior designing background and owns a furnishing store. Bobby Deol, a name synonymous with Bollywood royalty, has carved his own path in the Hindi film industry. His personal life has been a subject of intrigue, particularly his marriage to Tanya Deol. Unlike the usual pairings of Bollywood actors with their industry counterparts, Tanya has remained largely out of the spotlight.

It was fate that brought them together in Mumbai’s iconic Trattoria at Hotel President.  Their journey from chance encounters to a lifetime of love is a tale that reaffirms our belief in the power of true love. Bobby, who is known for his shy demeanour, was captivated by Tanya’s beauty and personality. Bobby Deol’s love story with Tanya began in 1994 with a fateful encounter with Tanya in a bustling Mumbai café. It was a chance of meeting that blossomed into something much deeper with an undeniable connection as destiny brought them together.

Love Story

Bobby obtained her phone number with much hustle and asked Tanya out on a date. After countless calls to friends and acquaintances, he finally obtained her number, learning that she was the daughter of a prominent finance manager, Dev Ahuja. Unaware of her status, Bobby recollected the courage to call her and asked her out on a date.

Tanya in an interview recalled about the night Bobby called her over a late-night phone call. She was unknown to Bobby’s identity and initially dismissed his advances. However, Bobby’s persistence and charm left an indelible mark on her heart. Tanya mentioned in an interview an incident when she went to play cards during the Diwali season at Chunky’s (Panday) house, Bobby came and sat with me to play cards at the same table. He kept losing to her, but he was not paying for the loss. He just kept saying he’d take her out for a meal instead of paying to her and she was left to wonder if something was wrong with him.

Their subsequent dates and chance encounters at social gatherings deepened their connection and an uppity South Bombay girl met this Casanova film star. Despite Bobby’s rising star in the film industry, he made time for Tanya and always prioritised their blossoming relationship above everything else. Their courtship was swift, filled with stolen moments and late-night phone calls.

As their love blossomed, Bobby orchestrated a dreamy proposal for Tanya in the same café where their journey began. Tanya joyfully accepted a lifetime of commitment to each other. Their grand wedding on 30 May 1996, was a celebration of love that marked the beginning of a new chapter in their fairy tale romance. Amidst a traditional ceremony, Bobby and Tanya exchanged vows while pledging their love surrounded by family and friends.

While their love story had all the makings of a Bollywood fairytale, it wasn’t without its share of raised eyebrows. The age difference between Bobby, who was 27 and Tanya was 19, caused some people to question the longevity of their union as Tanya, unlike most Bollywood spouses, wasn’t from a film background. This aspect was a point of discussion in the more conservative Bollywood landscape of the 90s. However, Bobby remained undeterred. In an interview, he revealed his desire to start a family early and expressed his wish to be an active part of his children’s lives.

Building a Life Together and Staying Out of the Spotlight

Living a life intertwined with Bollywood inevitably puts a spotlight on one’s personal life. Bobby and Tanya have skilfully managed to navigate this challenge by establishing clear boundaries. Bobby openly boasts about his love for his wife while avoiding to share intimate details of their relationship. On the other hand, Tanya has rarely given interviews, preferring to let her actions speak for themselves. This approach has led to some misconceptions with one segment of the paparazzi portraying their relationship as unconventional. However, their enduring marriage speaks volumes about the strength of their bond.

The couple welcomed their son Aryaman in 2001 and Dharam that further solidified their bond. Despite the demands of his acting career, Bobby prioritises spending quality time with his wife and son. Bobby has often spoken about the importance of family and how Tanya has been a pillar of strength in his life. From playful card games to quiet evenings at home, their love thrived in the ordinary, away from the world of fame. While Tanya occasionally accompanies Bobby to social gatherings and film premieres, she prefers a life of privacy by staying away from the limelight.

This has fueled speculation about their relationship, with some mistaking her quiet nature for unhappiness. However, interviews with Bobby paint a different picture. He consistently expresses his love and appreciation for Tanya while crediting her for being his rock. In Tanya’s eyes, Bobby epitomised the perfect husband and father, with his unwavering love and she was a strong support in Bobby’s career from behind the scenes.

A Love Story That Continues

Today, after 27 years of marriage, their love story is a reminder that amidst life’s chaos true love always finds a way to shine through. As Bobby Deol continues to carve his niche in Bollywood, Tanya Deol remains his constant source of support. Their story also challenges the notion that a successful Bollywood marriage requires a spouse from within the industry. Tanya’s decision to stay out of the spotlight highlights the importance of individual choices within a relationship. As we revel in their love story, we are reminded that love, in all its forms, is the greatest gift of all.