A Rendezvous with Sonam Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor seems to be the master of all trades. From being effortlessly stylish to setting trends and achieving great success with unconventional roles in epic movies like Neerja, she’s been acing it all. The Bollywood fashionista reveals all her beauty mantras in her quick chat with WA…


Beauty Regime
“I am not someone who will spend hours in front of the mirror but I do follow the Cleaning-Toning-Moisturising regime religiously every day. As soon as I wake up, I ensure that I have a big glass of warm water as it flushes out the toxins. A healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep play an important part in making me look the way I do. I use a light moisturising day cream or a serum and top that up with some sunscreen, the L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect is great as it is light and non-greasy. I wear a tinted lip balm and concealer. The first thing I do once I am back home is use a really good makeup remover. Post which, I use a hydrating face wash to remove any last traces of oil and makeup. I prefer sleeping without too many products on my face so it is just an eye and night cream for me. I don’t use too many face masks but my mother has taught me to never compromise when it comes to my skin! So I eat healthy and make sure I get my daily dose of Vitamins and Minerals in my diet.”

“A few products that I can’t live without would be my cold cream, lip balm, eye ,mask and perfume. I love indulging in some skin serums and essential oils as they make my skin feel amazing!”

Beauty Trends
“I love experimenting with my makeup. I like to try out different things so if there is a particular look that I like, I go out there and try it. Right from bold brows to bold lips, I’ve pretty much tried all of them.”

Beauty Is Happiness
“For me, beauty and happiness are synonymous with each other. I believe someone is beautiful when they are truly happy with themselves and their loves ones.”

Products she swears by:
L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes, White Perfect Laser Day Creme, Go 360 Cleanser.