A Rustic Wedding in Amari Galle Sri Lanka


With your wedding, you commence a beautiful journey of love and support with your partner, and don’t all beautiful journeys deserve beautiful beginnings? Amari Galle, a stunning expanse of scenic and architectural beauty, gives a perfect setting for you to get married in. Every Amari property celebrates the flavours and textures of its setting which makes Amari Galle a perfect rustic setting for your wedding. Amari Galle, Sri Lanka gives a chance for you to dive into the delectable experience of Galle, as it is set against dramatic coastal scenery with greens of the nature surrounding you and bursts of spices in the air. The hotel itself is built with stunning architecture and fascinating sculptures that provide you nothing less than a regal setup for you to get married to your partner and for your guests to savour.


The warmth of Galle will soothe your skin as the breeze along the coast brushes past your body while you take a walk with your partner. The sparkling pool will drench you in the lukewarm moments of intimacy with your partner, and the simplistic elegance with subtle touches inspired by their locale’s colonial roots will consume your guests with the aura of luxury. 

Amari Galle

As you plan your wedding, an Amari host will guide you by naming the best restaurants and advising what to do in the town. There is also an Amaya Food Gallery that showcases fresh Asian produce in a contemporary and hip dining environment. The team also goes an extra mile for the guests to have a rich experience by offering an assortment of games, souvenirs and treats along the way.


Amari Galle has paid special attention to the couples set to marry in their hotel by setting-up a Poruwa Mandapaya which is a traditional Sinhalese mandap for wedding ceremonies. With an exquisite setting for a wedding, a lavish experience for the guests and a romantic arrangement for the couples, Amari Galle is the perfect stop for you in the hunt for a perfect wedding destination, honeymoon stay or just a romantic getaway. Indulge into pleasing sights and sounds of Galle’s locale with Amari Galle, and book your retreat now. More information can be found at http://www.amari.com/galle-srilanka/.

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