A True Delhi Fiesta At Eros Hotel

Eros Hotel

To all those who want to craft a wedding that coincides with the best of their dreams, Eros Hotel says, “we will be there for you on your wedding day.” With one of the largest spaces for weddings in New Delhi—26,500 sq. ft. space, which can accommodate up to 2,000 people, Eros Hotel sets itself apart from others with its state-of-the-art infrastructure for events and uncompromising dedication for excellence. That is why Eros Hotel is not just an outdoor wedding hotel in Delhi, it is an elite platform for a luxurious wedding; a true Delhi fiesta.  This finest wedding hotel in Delhi offers a proficient team to handle everything from floral arrangements, wedding theme, to finer details so that you can have a hassle-free set up for your dream wedding.

Eros HotelFrom intimate to extravagant, the hotel’s dedicated team offers a comprehensive wedding service, ensuring that your wedding day becomes unforgettable and uniquely yours. Their ‘Wedding Consultant’ is available to offer advice and assist you with planning every detail of your wedding day, from reserving your date to deciding on all the finer details. From your chosen theme wedding to the best floral arrangements, wedding arrangements and embellished displays, the hotel’s team will set the mood for the wedding day. They are always available to help you create a theme that will exceed all your expectations, a day that you and your friends and family will cherish forever.

Eros HotelEros Hotel provides you with a variety of options including – luxury wedding banquets, bridal packages, bridal journeys, and other options that cater to your wedding needs. Eros Hotel takes pride in offering three exceptional services for your wedding: space, support and expertise. The hotel has several choices of indoor and outdoor spaces for a wedding venue. You can depend upon our hospitality staff to support everything from a Sunday Brunch for outdoor wedding planning and bachelorette party to each last-minute detail. You can avail services of the hotel’s various hospitality experts: chefs, masseuses, wedding consultant, technical staff, and more. Book your dream wedding at http://www.eroshotels.co.in/ now!

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