A wedding menu for the health-conscious

wedding menu

A healthy lifestyle is the trend of the season. People really want to stay away from too much indulgence to keep them fit and fine all the time. But what’s the best thing about a wedding? Basically everything food! No matter how pristine your wedding decor is or how gorgeous the bride looks, if the wedding cuisine is not up to the mark, the wedding guests will go home ranting about the bad quality of menu and food.

While the trend of Big Fat Indian Wedding has become quite the norm these days, it becomes more and more difficult to think about how you can organise a larger than life wedding — one that your guests will remember for a lifetime. A healthy yet unique way to make your wedding cuisine interesting is to add an element of ‘healthy friendly’ food to the menu. We are not saying that you say no to the ‘chole bhature’ or ‘gulab jamun’ but trying to add some healthier options in the menu will act as a crowd pleaser. Wedding Affair suggests a careful curation of wedding menu. Read on to find seven ways you can treat your guests with a healthier version of shaadi ka khaana

Let the juices shine

Nothing beats a fresh glass of your favourite fruits juice — being able to drink one at a wedding can in fact be interesting. Sure, most people may rather want to sip on a glass of wine rather but this can be a hit for the mocktail lovers.wedding menu

Home-cooked style of menu

At every wedding there are guests who try to steer clear of oily food because home-made food is all there digest system pleases with. For that section of people, chapatis or lighter foods like dal can turn out to be a bliss. This way you can make sure that every guest attending your wedding leaves the venue with a face that is smiling and stomach that is full. 

Variety in Fruits and Salads

Sine Indian weddings are all about stuffing unhealthy food down your throat, eating some fruits and salads as starters can be a nice option. Eating something fresh and natural along with that heavy curry and kebabs will help in balancing the meal.

Italian Food Stall

One can customise Italian food by incorporating some healthy fillings and sauces. One way to do it can be using multigrain breads since all the pasta is already made with all purpose flour which is not that light on the stomach.

Asian Vegetable Noodle Soup

Made with white miso, bok choy, mushrooms and tofu, the ‘Asian vegetable noodle soup’ can be served as a perfect and healthy starter. It can be a righteous choice for you if your guests are very much concerned about their health.

Veggies kebab

With the vegetables shrouded in delicious sauce ‘vegetable kebabs’ can be a healthier alternative to the non-vegetarian version of it and can make the vegetarians and vegans happy as well.

Go Vegan

You can opt from a plethora of vegan foods such as ‘wild garlic and pesto snails’, ‘vegan cauliflower tacos’ with green chilli sauce, ‘vegan Italian soup’ and ‘vegan scallion pancake rolls’. As these are replete with fresh and healthy veggies, they wouldn’t disturb anyone’s digestion. 

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