A wedding photograph of immortal memories!

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A photograph speaks a thousand words without even saying anything. It is like a magnet that attracts all the emotion from a wedding scene and presents them beautifully in one place. With just one splendid click, the entire ceremony’s vibe is immortalised. From a bride’s blush to a groom’s excitement, every aspect of the wedding gets covered with just a few splendid clicks! Isn’t it just so magical? Yes? Well, we think so too! While the couples spend a bomb on their wedding photography, they must definitely convey a mood board for their wedding photographs to their shutterbugs. Wedding Affair enlists some cool photography ideas that the couples can try!

Love and Light

stories by Joseph Radhik

Where there is love, there is light! Then, play with light and deliver a stunner of a photograph, silly! Here is a perfect example by Joseph Radhik’s team! Playing with lights is made easy with shutter speed adjustments. And its been quite beautifully done these days! Not just with the wedding photographs, but the normal photographs accelerate to new levels with such photography. You must have seen people capturing these lights beautifully for a surreal effect. Well, here is your chance for some surreal photographs for sure.

The Bridal Eyes

Sanjay Jogia for Canon Europe

The beautiful bridal eyes always emote a million feelings. Hence, if shutterbugs are able to capture that emotion, that moment remains alive for the rest of your life. Take a look at this gorgeous bride looking at the groom with all the love, warmth and anticipation in her heart. The smile remains hidden but well expressed in the eyes. Hence, such photographs can easily be highlights of your albums if nicely captured. The craft of anticipating that moment of reaction from a bride is the one not gifted to many.

Raw Emotions


A wedding ceremony, especially an Indian one, is replete with beautiful raw emotional moments. Each of them, a great photo opportunity. Just depends on the skill of the photographer to choose the right angle. And when a moment is captured in the right angle, it results in amazing photographs just like this one here. These moments just do not remain alive in the memories but also in these snapshots that emote them fairly well. Give your wedding a gift of immortal moments via these pictures. The ones you never forget and the images will remain etched in your albums/walls forever!

A Nature Setting


You can also choose to get your wedding photographs in a beautiful and rustic natural setting. Look at this photograph here which looks phenomenal with the lake in the background and mystical trees all around! These natural scenarios act as the most beautiful props in creating the most stunning wedding photographs and even more stunning memories. Another trick on can definitely employ is that of using matching wedding attires with the natural background. Then, just the smiling faces of the couple shall be enough for a more than good enough wedding photograph!

Candid Moments

Kameron Studios

The most beautiful wedding photographs are usually the ones that capture a playful candid moment. It may be a joke, or maybe eye jerking with tears, a moment hidden to the eyes of the most but only captured by a camera is just beautiful. While the world sees a ceremony, the camera sees waves of feeling running across the wedding venue. The excitement of the friends and relatives, the breathtaking beauty of a bride, the love of groom and the splendid decor – each finds is own highlight with the cameraman’s craft.

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